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ForumCategory: DiscussionHow much a Pathao bike rider earn per day?
Simul asked 4 বছর ago

May I know actual data that how much a Pathao motorcycle rider earn by ride sharing? Actually, I come from a middle class family. I’m a student and want to bear my own study cost and expense to leave in Dhaka. Though I can’t ride on full day due to class and other issues but in off-days like Friday and government holidays I may ride full days.
What is the average earning of a Pathao Rider in a day?

1 Answers
Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 বছর ago

As far we hear from Pathao riders that if they ride 8 hour in a day can earn around 20,000 – 25,000 taka monthly which means they can earn net total around 700-1000 taka per day.
We appreciate your effort and this is really a great option indeed. But make sure your safety and don’t waste your time.
Have a good luck.

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