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Mohammad Alamgir Hussain asked 4 বছর ago

Bole: TVS Metro ES 100 CC
Which fuel I should use petrol or octane?
When I should change engine oil and which engine oil is best for my bike engine?
Using my bike for more than one and half month. Everyday I have to travel 70 K.M. any suggestions for best performance?
At night time can’t drive for opposite vehicles light reflection. From where I can get best anti reflection glass?

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Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 বছর ago

You can use both of them. Both will perform well in TVS Metro. Usually this RON depends on compression ratio of a bike where TVS Metro Compression Ratio is 9.15:1.
To save money and same performance, you may use Petrol. But don’t mix them together at all.
Recommended engine oil grade for TVS Metro is 10W30. So we will suggest you to use any renowned company 10W30 grade oil. You may try Shell Advance, Motul, Mobil, Castrol Activ etc. But you have to make sure the oil grade must be 10W30.
If you will use mineral oil then you have to drain after 800-1000 km. If you will use synthetic then my ride 2500-3000 km without hassle.
Before start riding in the morning, keep your bike start for 3-4 min for the purpose of make your engine proper hit and make sure the engine oil start work properly. And then start riding. Try to ride within 6000-7500 rpm to get better fuel efficiency.
If you are from outside of Dhaka can try online shop like Pickaboo, Daraz or Biker Ocean (Facebook Page) etc. Or you may visit Mirpur 10 to buy this accessories.
Thanks for submit your question in Deshi Biker forum.

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