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ForumCategory: GeneralWhich one is the fastest motorcycle in Bangladesh by top speed?
Shishir Ahmed asked 4 বছর ago

Yamaha R15 V3?
Suzuki GSX-R 150?
Honda CBR 150 Indonesia Edition? 
Loncin GP 165?
Actually I love speeding and that’s why looking for a motorcycle with highest speed among all other motorcycles in Bangladesh. Can you please let know that which motorcycle have highest speed in Bangladesh?
I have submitted few query in facebook groups but didn’t get the actual answer and basically different people tell me the different think. But most of the people refer Suzuki GSX-R 150 but it was really surprising me that GSX-R have 150cc engine where as R15 V3 and Loncin have 155 and 165cc engine. May I know this bikes top speed.

1 Answers
Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 বছর ago

Suzuki GSX-R 150 Top Speed – 160 km/H
Honda CBR 150R Top Speed – 156 km/H
Yamaha R15 V3 Top Speed – 155 km/H
Loncin GP 165 Top Speed – 145 km/H
This top speed is approximate and you may get little bit more and less. But I think this ranking won’t make any confusion. But would like to mention that Loncin GP 165 is a low budget bike but it’s acceleration is extremely outstanding. Usually it can bit other premium bikes in short drag race. It’s very initial acceleration is extremely better.

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