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Enjoy 10,000 BDT discount on each Pulser NS 160 ABS purchase 

Bajaj introduced the Pulsar series back in 2001. Pulsar is the most popular and best-selling motorcycle series from Bajaj. Among the pulser series the NS 160 is at the top. Uttara Motors Ltd the sole distributor of Bajaj Motorcycles in Bangladesh. Recently they launched the updated version of this motorcycle in Bangladesh. The design and color scheme remains unchanged. They added EFI engine, single-channel ABS, Dual-disc brake and 120/80 sections tyre for better performance. The seating position and engine displacement remain the same as the previous version.

Bajaj Bangladesh recently offered a 10,000 BDT discount on each Pulser NS 160 purchase. Currently Pulsar NS 160 is one of the popular bikes in the 160cc segment. If you are interested on getting one for yourself make sure you avail this 10,000 BDT discount.

Ride assertively on the road with incredible power and incredible control of the muscular NS 160 with ABS. Aligned with 160.3cc engine and single channel ABS to give you utmost control on every ride. The 5-speed gearbox and wet multi-plate clutch are mated with the engine for better transmission. For the aerodynamic shape, it can reach the top speed of 127 km/h.
Now enjoy exciting 10,000 BDT discount on every NS 160 with ABS.
NS 160 with ABS – 2,10,000 BDT (Previous Price 2,20,000 BDT – Offer 10,000 BDT)
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