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“Hero Bike Mela” Chance to win a new car every week

Hero is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh and India both. They are one of the top popular and trustworthy brands in Bangladesh which entered the Bangladeshi market first a long time ago with Honda company. The Hero gives bikers fashionable, low-cost, fuel-efficient bikes. Here in Bangladesh Hero has a big market and has a 13% market share in Bangladesh. From time to time they have been presenting us with some new bikes and some amazing offers. Niloy Motors Ltd is the authorized distributor of Hero in Bangladesh.

Who doesn’t love surprises? Hero has come up with an exciting offer with a chance to win a Brand new Tata Indigo eCS every week. The offer doesn’t stop there. For the whole month customer will get a cashback up to 9,500/- with a free umbrella for all models. Wait the offer doesn’t end here, if you purchase a Thriller 160R you will get a 32 inch LED tv along with the bike. So the offers are:

  • A free umbrella for all models
  • Cashback up to 9,500/-
  • 32 inch LED tv with Thriller 160R
  • Chance to win a Brand new Tata Indigo eCS every week

This offer was started on October 2 and will go on this whole month. This offer will be available throughout the whole country and in every showroom of Hero.

Check out the price list of every Hero bike below:

Hero Pleasure (Scooter) 174,900/-
Hero Dawn 100 94,900/-
Hero HF Deluxe 92,990/-
Hero Splendor Plus
Splendor iSmart 100 99,990/-
Splendor iSmart 110 109,990/-
Hero Ignitor 125 118,990/-
Hero Glamour 111,990/-
Hero Achiever 119,990/-
Hero Hunk Matt (Double Disc) 159,990/-
Hero Hunk (Single Disc) 149,990/-
Hero Hunk (Double Disc) 154,990/-
Hero Hunk 150R ABS (New) 174,490/-
Hero Xtreme Sports 174,900/-
Hero Hunk (Single Disc) 149,990/-

Let me clear some doubts, If you Buy any of Hero bikes you will get a free umbrella. There is also a cashback offer on selected bikes which is upto 9,500/-. There is a special offer on the Hero Thriller 160R which is a 32 inch LED tv. Now onto the main prize. Each week a winner will be selected in a computerized process and will win a Tata Indigo eCS.

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