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No motorcycle engine can be activated without petroleum or engine oil. Engine oil is the heart of an engine. In Bangladesh, people are very much fond of riding motorbikes. So, there is vast use of motorbike engine oil in Bangladesh. There are several different brands and qualities of engine oils available in Bangladesh. People use those engine oils to lubricate the engine, transmission and clutch to get better performance from their motorcycles. Whatever, there are different prices of engine oils are there in Bangladesh. The prices of different engine oils are showed below in a chart:

Motorcycle Engine Oil list & Price in Bangladesh

Shell Advance Ultra 4T
10W-40 1050/- (1 Ltr)
Shell Advance AX5 20W-40 400/- (1 Ltr)
Shell Advance AX5 20W-50 400/- (1 Ltr)
Mobil Super 4T 20W-50 350/- (1 Ltr)
Mobil-1 Racing 4T 10W-40 1150/- (1 Ltr)
Mobil-1 0W-40 1150/- (1 Ltr)
Mobil-1 5W-50 1150/- (1 Ltr)
Castrol Activ 4T 20W-40 410/- (1 Ltr)
HPX 20W-50 360/- (1 Ltr)
Havoline 4T 10W-30 360/- (1Ltr)
Havoline 4T 20W-40 360/- (1Ltr)
Havoline 4T 20W-50 360/- (1Ltr)
Kixx 4T 10W-30 380/- (1 Ltr)
Kixx 4T 20W-40 380/- (1 Ltr)
Kixx 4T 20W-50 380/- (1 Ltr)
Fuchs 4TPlus   330/- (1 Ltr)
Fuchs HD 40   220/- (1 Ltr)
Gulf 4T   350/- (1 Ltr)
Visco 3000 20W-50 500/- (1 Ltr)
Super v 20W-50 400/- (1 Ltr)
Toyota Motor oil 10W-30 1990/- (4 Ltr)
Motul 5100 15W-50 800/- (1 Ltr)

1. Shell Advance Ultra 4T: Shell was the most selling Engine oil company in last 11 years. Though this British & Dutch join venture company is become more popular around the world but still people of our country isn’t much more well known about Shell. Shell Advance Ultra 10W-40 is the most recommended oil for motorcycle. This 100% synthetic engine lubricant reduce oil change interval, Enhance control and reduce vibration & engine noise.

Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10W-40

2. Mobil Super 4T: Mobile super 4T engine oil is recommended for gasoline filled engines for light weight motor vehicles such as motorcycles. It is proven in the field of extending the life of the engine. Mobil super is designed in such way that it can fight against sludge and engine wear. It contains more cleaning abilities than the regular motor engine oils. Price of a 1 liter container of Mobile Super 4T which contains 20W-50 viscosity is 350 taka in Bangladesh.

Mobil Super 4T

2. Motul 5100: Motul is another renowned motorcycle engine oil in Bangladesh. It possess higher quality than many other engine oils of Bangladesh. Motul engine oil is great for bikes such as Honda Unicorn, Honda Shine, CBR, TVS Apache RTR, Suzuki GS150R, Hero Extreme, Hero Impulse etc. The price of Motul 5100 is around 800-1000 BDT.

Motul 5100

4. Valvoline 4T Premium: Valvoline 4T premium is a multi grade premium engine oil which provides a year round security for the 4 stroke motorcycle engines. This engine oil is mainly superior for higher CC bikes. So, the bikes which are 150 cc or above than that are available for Valvoline 4T premium engine oil.

Valvoline 4T Premium

5. Havoline 4T: Havoline 10W-30 engine oil is a highly stable and high performance engine lubricant. It provides greater protection from friction and wear at the start up and it prevents heat stress. It also prevents the deposit of harmful material.

Havoline 4T

6. Castrol Activ 4T: Castrol Activ is manufactured by Middle East Lubricants Co.L.L.C. in UAE. It protects engine, clutch and gears of the motorcycle from any friction and wear.And increase the engine life. Castrol Active is very popular among Bangladeshi motorbike users. The price of a 1 liter castrol Activ container is 410 taka in Bangladesh.

Castrol Active 4T