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Motorcycle or car

10 reasons why Motorcycles are better than cars

Cars are surely very much neat and they are satisfying as well in different aspects. But a motorbike is purely an another thing. Cars have many luxuries such as the air conditioning system, the cover, music system etc, but you just can’t deny the fact that when you ride a motorbike it feels awesome, even the joy of driving a car can’t match the fun. The two wheelers surely stand a step ahead of their four wheel companion in the road in aspect of both fun and versatility. Whatever, I have made a list of why I would go for a bike instead of a car if I have to choose between the,. This is totally my opinion. Some things may vary with other people.

Reasons why Motorcycles are better than cars

The thrill of biking

One of the most amazing thing about bike riding is that there is no thrill which can be compared with riding a bike. Driving a car just can’t match the thrill of bike. Any bike lover would love to pay some grand to ride a super bike in an open highway. There is risk in it but the thrill simply outplay the risk.

Cheaper in cost and environment friendly

A motorcycle can be run in less than half of the gas than a car. So it is also a important matter that the motorcycle riders are taking part in the conservation and reduction of the dependence on gas. So, ultimately using a bike will save you some trip to the gas stations. But using a car won’t.

Much easier to maintain than a car

The bike maintaining is far easier than maintaining a car. Of-course the lesser wheels make an impact. You don’t have to replace four wheels when the time comes. The engine is easier to access than a car and you can change the battery and spark plugs on your own.

Easy parking

A bike can be parked even in the most crowded place as it is only one third of a car. Hundred and more bikes can easily be parked in a place of only 30 cars. You can park your beast in a little space and throw a laughter to the huge car owners who can’t park in that space because of their size.


Any 250cc motorbike can easily outrun any commuter four wheeler. The Ninja and Hayabusa can also can easily match the speed of the higher ranged and exotic cars. But they cost around 20 or 30 times more than the motorbike of similar top speed. Motorcycle riders can ride into the narrower lanes and can steer through the traffic faster than the cars.


A car driver sometimes use mobile phones and talks on phone while driving and thus serious accidents happens. But, in aspect of a bike rider, he don’t even has the way of holding the phone while riding the bike, let alone talking on phone. So, the chance of accidents due to this is almost zero.

Feel of belonging

Motorcycle riders often feel a belonging sense that they are part of a pack of the riders who loves to ride motorbikes. It is very obvious that bike riders are much more friendly than the car drivers.

Bikers look cool

Everyone have to admit there is always something about a motorbike rider. A scene of a  guy riding a Hayabusa, wearing leather jacket and leather pants with a helmet in his head is always mind blowing, ultra-attractive and cool. The same thing also go with a girl.

Sense of Freedom

Motorcycle riders can always get the fresh air passing around them. There is a saying that Bike riding does not transport you to destination, it itself is a destination.


What has got more fun into it’s sleeves – riding a bike or driving a car. What do you think? Is there really anything to argue about that! Hail bike riding!

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