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Petronas Sprinta F500 10w-40 (Semi Synthetic)

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PETRONAS Sprinta F500 10w-40 is specially formulated with balanced synthetic fluids with premium esters and optimum performance low-ash technology to enable extreme and demanding riding conditions. It delivers superior performance and engine protection that outperforms the conventional two-stroke lubricants.


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      All types of engines need oil to provide engine performance and durability. PETRONAS Sprinta F500 10w-40 is suitable for all types of 2-Stroke gasoline motorcycle engines, especially for newer generation engines with a carburetor, the electronic fuel injector (EPF), and the direct fuel injector (DFI).

      Petronas Sprinta F500 10w-40 Specifications & Price

      Brand Petronas
      Model Sprinta F500
      Engine oil type Semi-Synthetic
      Viscosity 10w-40
      Warranty Type No Warranty
      What’s in the Box 1x Petronas Sprinta F500 10w-40
      API SN
      JASO MA2
      1 liter
      Stain Resistant
      Price in Bangladesh
      680 BDT
      Last Update
      20 May 2023


      • Specially formulated with balanced synthetic fluids.
      • Developed with Low-ash technology.
      • Engineered based on extensive field, racetrack, rally, and testing experiences.
      • The technology is engineered to react instantly to the difference.
        demands of all your bike’s critical areas delivering instant defense and responsive performance.

      Performance and Benefits:

      • This oil has advanced oil film strength ensuring efficient protection and reliability at high temperatures and RPMs, delivering improved acceleration.
      • Advanced detergency control to eliminate damaging deposits, protecting engines against exhaust system blocking.
      • Effectively reduce pre-ignition and catalyst deterioration, and helps deliver advanced engine efficiency and power.
      • Ensure optimum clean and efficient burning produces extremely low exhaust smoke.
      • Advanced mixing with leaded and unleaded petrol.

      Main Application:

      Standard air and water-cooled two-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gearboxes and wet-type clutch assembly.

      ***Note – Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.

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