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ForumCategory: Comparison betweenApache RTR 4V 160 vs Pulsar 150 DD, Comaprison review
Shafiq asked 3 years ago

Now I use bajaj Pulsar LS135. I want to change my bike. My choice is Apache RTR 4V 160 but everyone says that 4V mileage is too poor. And Pulsar 150DD is better than RTR 4V. So please tell me which bike too better from others and give me better service?

1 Answers
Farhan Sadik Staff answered 3 years ago

Bajaj Pulsar 150 (DD) is a standard commuter bike and Apache RTR 160 4V is a naked sports bike. So, there are definitely differences in their engine performance. But RTR 4V gets better design than Pulsar 150 (DD). But Pulsar 150 (DD) can deliver better mileage than RTR 4V. 

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