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ForumCategory: BajajBajaj CT 100B price in Bangladesh
Salam asked 4 years ago

We all know bajaj CT 100B is a fuel effective bike. But there is also two other version is available. Which are CT 100ES and CT 100. So it is confusing me that which one is better. Is there any changes in design or engine bhp and what is the price differencess among them?

1 Answers
Farhan Sadik Staff answered 4 years ago

There is only some changes in those versions. The engine power remain same for three version. The CT 100B version gets the round shape headlamp, mirrors and tail bulb light and the other versions are almost same. They just got different color scheme and ES version gets electric starter. So which design you prefer most its up to you.
The current market price of these bikes are CT 100 – 89,900 BDT, CT 100 ES – 93,500 BDT and CT 100B – 79,500 BDT.
Check Bajaj CT 100B full specification – https://deshibiker.com/motorcycle/bajaj/ct-100/

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