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ForumCategory: Other brandLaxmoto Hawk XGJ and Roadmaster Rapido 165 is same or different?
Shakib asked 4 years ago

I’m planning to buy Laxmoto Hawk XGJ 150. I found this bike in some showroom in Dhaka and saw ads in bikory[.]com. I made plan to buy this motorcycle for me. But into the last International trade fair I saw the same bike of Roadmaster. It make me confuse that which one is real? Is there anymore duplicate or difference in quality?

1 Answers
Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 years ago

There is no difference between Laxmoto Hawk and Roadmaster Rapido 165. Both are same bike and just rebranded by Roadmaster.
Laxmoto Hawk is importing as CBU where as Roadmaster Rapido 165 is assembling in Bangladesh. That’s why the price of Roadmaster Rapido 165 is little bit lower then Laxmoto Hawk because they need to pay little bit lower percentage of VAT.

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