ForumCategory: Tips & TechniqueLifan KPR 165 Gear shifting why so hard,and What can I do for solved it
Najmul asked 12 months ago
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My bike is Lifan KPR 165 EFI. Last 1 Year I ride this bike. Everything is good but this bike gear shifting is so hard. So many times I change my engine oil but I don’t have any change. What can I do for this peoblem

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Ahmed Shoaib Staff answered 12 months ago
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If you are experiencing a gear shifting problem, then check for the amount of gearbox lubricant in the gearbox of your motorcycle. If it’s less than specified standards, refill the gearbox with the proper lubricant.
If your vehicle has travelled for long distances (around 5000-8000 km), then consider replacing the gearbox lubricant with a proper grade of automotive gearbox lubricant (preferably SAE 80 / 90).
This should take you out of the shifting problem. If the problem doesn’t get solved even after replacing the lubricant, there must be some false mechanical linkage restricting the motion of the gear shift lever. In that case, your motorcycle probably requires proper care at the garage.