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ForumCategory: Comparison betweenLifan KPR 165 vs Regal Raptor 160, Speed comaprison review
Abir asked 3 years ago

Recently I want to buy a sports bike. I like Lifan KPR 165, but recently I saw the first impression review of Regal Raptor GTXL Sports 160. I really like this bike. Mainly this bike sound. These two bikes are also a Chinese bike. Now I want to buy this one please tell me about this bike and please try to make a test ride review.

1 Answers
Farhan Sadik Staff answered 3 years ago

Lifan KPR 165 is one of the popular and best selling full-faired sports bikes where GTXL sports 160 is new in this business. The engine power of these two bikes is almost the same. But the top speed of GTXL Sports 160s top speed is comparatively higher than KPR. But KPR 165’s has better brand value than GTXL sports. Also, the price of GTXL sports is higher than KPR. 

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