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ForumCategory: Tips & TechniqueHow to maintain motorcycle during rainy season?
Shoaib asked 4 years ago

This is really bothering to ride motorcycle in rainy season. Just when I wash my bike and go outside, it become too dusty. On the other hand, I’m watching some rust on my wheel. Even my bike isn’t properly start at morning. So what should I do to keep my bike clean and performance oriented during rainy reason.

1 Answers
Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 years ago

This is really difficult to keep your bike dry during rainy season. And this is the cause of rush in wheel and other steel type product of a motorcycle. To resolve this issue, you always try to keep your motorcycle dry.
Yes, As like winter season rider face difficulties to start his motorbike in the morning. Best way is to keep the engine start for 5 minutes and then go for ride. It will make your engine proper hit and make sure the engine oil to work properly. Usually this issues happen in carburetor engine. Fuel injection is better to resolve this issue.

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