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ForumCategory: GeneralPrice of Keeway Super Light 150 in Bangladesh 2019
Liakot asked 4 years ago

I usually travel a lot. Now I’m using a normal sports bike but this isn’t suitable for long journeys. Sometimes I faces back pain and stress. So I want to buy a cruised bike name Keeway Super Light 150. How is the bike and what is the current market price of it?

1 Answers
Farhan Sadik Staff answered 4 years ago

Cruiser bikes are suitable for long journeys. Its long and wide handlebar and roomier seating position help to get comfortable riding. The Keeway Super Light 150 is a standard cruiser bike with stunning build in quality. It can also provide 45 km/l in highway. So its helpful in long journeys. The current market price of this bike is BDT 177,000.
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