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ForumCategory: YamahaProblems of new Yamaha FZs V3
Ruhul Amin asked 4 years ago

Recently Yamaha FZ & FZs Version 3 launched in Bangladesh. Though the price is little bit high then it’s competitor but I’m really attracted for it’s design and other things.
I wants to all the negative sides of this motorcycle.

1 Answers
Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 years ago

As you know that Yamaha FZs Version 3 is recently launched in Bangladesh and that’s why still we can’t get opportunity to ride this motorcycle for long time. That’s why it’s little bit difficult for us to tell the real experience of this bike. But we can share our observation just after making the 1st impression review of Yamaha FZs V3. We have ride this bike for few minutes and try to explain you the negative sides.
As the like the previous version it have proper balance during braking. Though it have single channel ABS and work better to stop skidding the front wheel but actually duel channel ABS can provide you better safety and real ABS experience.
You there is a slightly difference between FZ and FZs. FZs V3 is looks better than FZ V3 but I’m little bit worry about the chromium color beside it’s air intake. Don’t know how long it will be last. But this is just a prediction may not happen. We can tell you the actual matter 1 year later.
Seat is more comfortable for rider and pillion comparing the previous version but step up seat looks a bike more sporty. Handlebar is little bit up right now which increase comfort for long ride but this isn’t give you sporty feel.
We didn’t get any more negative side so far in this motorcycle. According to our observation, this Yamaha FZs V3 is the best bike of this segment so far. Only Gixxer can compete it if they bring Gixxer Fuel injection and ABS version.

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