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Tanvjr asked 4 years ago

I’ve lost my registration acknowledge slip. What’s the procedure to get another copy of the slip?

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Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 years ago

If you will lost any paper of motorcycle registration, you have to follow below procedure.
1. You must have to make a GD in nearest police station. Not required if you will lose insurance.
2. Need clearance of traffic police which you have to collect from traffic office.
3. Then you have to collect duplicate copy collection form, ownership form, pay slip. You have to fill up this document and pay the required money to any bank offered by BRTA (NRBC etc). You may need 3 copy passport size photo.
4. Finally, you need to submit all document to BRTA.
It will take few days and they will message you in your mobile no. when it will be ready.

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