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Shihab asked 1 year ago
Tourino Tyres

Roadmaster 165 is a higher cc bike in our country. And R15 V3 is 155 cc. Personally, my choice is Yamaha R 15 V3. I saw a maximum review of V3 and top speed 155-160. I’m Just shocked. But I have no idea about Roadmaster Rapido. Because In this low budget Roadmaster is the best option for me so that how is the Roadmaster performance and braking system?

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Ahmed Shoaib Staff answered 11 months ago
Tourino Tyres

Roadmaster Rapido 165 didn’t launch in Bangladesh yet. But yes, In the low budget this bike would be a great choice for bikers. This bike equipped with a 165cc displacement engine and can produce almost 16 bhp maximum power. It gets a dual-disc braking system.