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ForumCategory: YamahaWhat’s the difference between Yamaha FZ V3 and FZs V3?
Simul Hasan asked 4 years ago

You know that Yamaha FZs Version 3.0 is recently launched in Bangladesh. I wants to know the actual difference between Yamaha FZ and FZs. I think version 2.0 have same thing but I didn’t notice.

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Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 years ago

FZs where “S” is stand for “Sports”. Basically, Yamaha FZ and FZs is the same thing but FZs have some addition feature.
For example in this latest Yamaha FZ and FZs Version 3.0 where FZs have chromium color into the fuel tank air intake, FZs V3 have engine cowl which don’t have in FZ V3, Also there is a difference between color.
There is also difference of Price in this two version. You can check latest price in Bangladesh here – https://deshibiker.com/motorcycle/yamaha/fzs-fi-v3/

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