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ForumCategory: HondaWhen Honda X-Blade will launch in Bangladesh?
Rifat Kaiser asked 4 years ago

Into the last year 2018 in 4th Dhaka Bike Show, I saw Honda X Blade and that’s really make me crush on that. Specially I loved it’s alligator looks so much.
Can you please know me when Bangladesh Honda Private Ltd. will launch this motorcycle in Bangladesh?

1 Answers
Farhan Sadik Staff answered 4 years ago

Definitely Honda X-blade is a eye catching motorcycle. But now in Bangladesh Honda CB Hornet is getting popular. Honda never published their any data about releasing any motorcycle. If the popularity of CB Hornet fall then Honda may be think about X-blade. But before that, Honda will definitely think about their policies for selling X-blade. Because the price and quality may not be equal.  

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