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ForumCategory: GeneralWhy the price of motorcycle is too high in Bangladesh?
Sifat Khan asked 4 years ago

I’m an university student and live in Dhaka and that’s why planning to buy a motorcycle for the purpose of transportation. I know the regular as usual price of motorcycles in Bangladesh. But just when I tried to search in internet to get the price, I found different countries price tag which is really make me surprise. Just have a look the price of a same bike in India. Price of the a particular motorcycle is more than double in Bangladesh comparatively India.
So why this difference? Can you please let me explain in details.

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Best Answer
Deshi Biker Staff answered 4 years ago

Please to be inform that Bangladesh government have high percentage of VAT in motorcycle import which is started from 152%. Those company is importing motorcycle with CBU (Completely Build Up), they need to provide the highest amount of VAT.
Those company is assembling and manufacturing motorcycle in Bangladesh they have little bit lower percentage of VAT but that isn’t much lower as well. Bangladeshi companies like Runner, Roadmaster, H Power is providing lowest VAT as far know but that isn’t less than 90%.
That’s why the price is more high comparatively any other countries. It should be reduced. India have only 10-15% VAT on motorcycle. On the other hand, most of the companies manufacturing motorcycle in India which is another reason to get motorcycle in lowest price.

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