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ForumCategory: Comparison betweenYamaha R15 V3 Indo vs R15 V3 Indian version, Comparison review
Utsho asked 3 years ago

Recently I want to buy a bike. This one is Yamaha R15 V3. But now I confused in two things about Indo vs Indian. My first choice is Indo version but in Indian version dual-channel ABS. Please suggest me which one is best from every side?

1 Answers
Farhan Sadik Staff answered 3 years ago

There are some differences between the R15 V3 Indo version and the Indian version. First of all, The Indo version gets USD suspensions, better build quality, and slightly higher engine power. But the Indian version equipped with Telescopic fork suspensions, dual-channel ABS, Sare and Mudguard, and also different color shades. The Indian version price is also lower than the Indo version. Indian version cost 485,000 BDT where Indo version cost 525,000 BDT. 

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