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Suzuki Gixxer SF Vs Taro GP-2

Taro GP-2 Predator Vs Suzuki Gixxer SF: Compare, Which one you should buy?

Taro GP 2 Predator is a product of Italian brand but the bike is assembled in China and Suzuki Gixxer SF is a bike of Japanese brand Suzuki which is regarded as one of the top four bike manufacturing company in the World. So, considering brand value, Taro GP 2 Predator can not be compared with Suzuki Gixxer SF. But it seems that both are same segmented sports bike and both are available in almost same price range. So, why people would go for Taro GP 2 Predator where they have suitable alternative Japanese brand bike in the same price range. Let’s see the comparative review between Taro GP 2 Predator and Suzuki Gixxer SF below which will help you to decide your choice.

Taro GP-2 Predator Vs Suzuki Gixxer SF

COMPARETaro GP 2 PredatorSuzuki Gixxer SF
EngineSingle Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Water Cooled, Chamshift Overhead4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, BS4
Displacement150 cc154.9 cc
Maximum Power16 Bhp @8500 rpm14.6 BHP @ 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque 14.5 Nm @7000 rpm14 NM @ 6000 rpm
No. of Cylinders11
CoolingWater CooledAir-cooled
No. of Gear65
Starting systemSelf StartElectric
ClutchWet TypeMultiplate
Kerb Weight140 kg139 kg
Length1930 mm2050 mm
Width730 mm785 mm
Height1080 mm1085 mm
Seat Height785 mm780 mm
Wheelbase1313 mm1330 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity11.5 liters12 liters
Top Speed
135 kmph135 kmph
Mileage38 kmpl45 kmpl
Front Tyre110/70-16100/80-R17
Rear Tyre140/70-16140/60-R17
Price275,000 BDT264,950 BDT
More DetailsTaro GP 2 Full SpecificationGixxer SF Full Specification

# Looks: No doubt, Taro GP 2 Predator has more gorgeous and sporty looks than Suzuki Gixxer SF. Taro GP 2 has fully aerodynamic fairings added which has very sharp and aggressive design LED dual headlamp. The body shape of the bike is muscular with sporty and splitted seat. On the other side, Gixxer SF has single plate seating position with almost snake design front end. There is single headlamp feature added with attractive full fairings. However, the tail lamp features of both GP 2 and Gixxer SF are also good. They are pretty unique where both bikes have wide rear tyres which makes the looks front the rear more attractive. Considering the both bikes design, Taro GP 2 Predator is much more attractive and sporty looking than Suzuki Gixxer SF.

# Engine Performance: If we consider the engine of the bikes GP 2 and Gixxer SF, we must admit that Gixxer SF has more reliable engine than Taro GP 2 Predator. Because one is from Japanese origin bike and other other is from China. We all know that Japanese brand products are now dominating the World and so, they are much more reliable as well. Taro GP 2 is powered by 150 cc engine with 16 Bhp max power and 14.5 Nm max torque. On the other side, Gixxer SF is powered by 155 cc engine that can create 14.6 Bhp max power and 14 Nm torque. However, Taro Gp 2 has water cooled engine that suits the sports bike much but Gixxer SF has air cooled engine which can be compared with standard commuter as well. Gixxer SF has five speed gearbox where GP 2 consists of six speed gearbox. However, the engine of Gixxer SF is BS4 approved where GP 2 has camshaft overhead engine.

# Suspension & Brake: Taro GP 2 and Gixxer SF both bikes has very reliable and good quality suspensions installed. The front suspension of GP 2 is positive shock absorber and Gixxer SF has telescopic front suspension. Besides, the rear suspension of GP 2 is single gas absorber where the rear suspension of Gixxer SF is mono shock which is seven steps adjustable. No doubt Gixxer SF will provide much comfort to the riders and pillion due to less sporty and more quality full suspensions. However, both bikes have front and rear hydraulic disc brakes used though GP 2 has bigger disc brake in front which is also dual. Each disc is 300 mm where single disc is used for front of Gixxer SF which is 266 mm. The rear disc of both bikes are 240 mm each.

# Comfort & Control: Gixxer SF is a less sporty looking bike than Taro GP 2 and so, it is much more comfortable. It has single plate seat which is somewhat like standard bike. So, female pillion can also ride on the bike comfortably. On the other hand, Taro GP 2 is fully a sports bike which has splitted seating position. Though, it’s rear portion is not much higher and so, it is also suitable for female pillion. But obviously Suzuki Gixxer SF is much comfortable than Taro GP 2 Predator. Besides, both bikes have mono suspension in the rear which makes the controlling very good. Dual hydraulic disc brakes makes the bikes most secure. Controlling of both bikes are obviously very good and satisfying.

# Fuel Consumption: If we consider the fuel efficiency, we must keep ahead Suzuki Gixxer SF in that case. It has BS4 approved engine that makes it fuel efficient in the segment. The reported mileage of the bike Gixxer SF is almost 45 km or something more. On the other side, as Chinese assembled bike, Taro GP 2 Predator will not provide better mileage. The reported mileage of Taro Gp 2 is near about 38 km. So, analyzing the mileage, Suzuki Gixxer SF is ahead of Taro GP 2 Predator.

# Top Speed: Speed is one of the ost desiring things in a sport bike. Young generation finds most comfort considering the speed. The speed of both GP 2 and Gixxer SF are almost same. The reported speed of Taro GP 2 is almost 135 kmph where Gixxer SF used to provide more than 135 kmph top speed.

# Price: There are couple of versions of Suzuki Gixxer SF are available in Bangladesh. The lowest price of Suzuki Gixxer SF is BDT 2,65,950 only and the highest price is BDT 2,85,000. However, Taro GP 2 Predator will be available in Bangladesh with BDT 275,000 price tag.

Excluding Taro GP 2, Gixxer SF is mostly compared with Yamaha Fazer and still by many, Gixxer SF is the best in the segment. The brand value and resale value of the bike is also very charming. On the other side, Taro GP 2 Predator is considered as a Chinese bike and so, it’s resale value and brand value are so poor. Considering overall fact, if someone finds fully sports bike in the segment, then should go for Taro GP 2 Predator and if someone would find reliable bike in the segment, they should go for Suzuki Gixxer SF.

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