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Upcoming bikes in Bangladesh 2022

2022 is going to be one of the exciting years of motorcycles for some upcoming bikes. Motorcycle companies are trying to make a bang. We already can guess some upcoming bikes which are going to launch in 2022. But some companies hide their plan for next year.

Many motorcycle manufacturer were ready to launch their products but because of the pandemic, the economic condition of our country went down and the companies could not launched their products. Though some of them were launched some products but that wasn’t enough. Many companies motorcycle goes market out and they couldn’t import enough motorcycle in demand.

Japanese brands Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Indian brands Hero, Bajaj, TVS and some Bangladeshi brands are planning to launch some bikes in 2022. Some Chinese and European brands are also in this race. We can see that in the last 4-5 years, the motorcycle industry getting bigger and bigger. But the cc limitation in our country is just 165. It’s one of the reasons why the industry is not getting bigger. But because of the low economical condition of 2020 & 2021, the motorcycle companies will definitely launched some exciting products in 2022. So let’s find out which models are going to come in 2022.


Upcoming bikes of 2022

Products Name Expected Price
Honda CB 150x 540,000/-
Yamaha R15 v4 540,000/-
Yamaha FZX 350,000/-
GPX Drone 320,000/-
Aprilia SXR 160 220,000/-
TVS Raider 165,000/-
Bajaj CT 110x 110,000/-


Honda CB 150x

Honda CB 150x is one of the premium upcoming bikes from this giant Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. Honda recently launched this bike in Indonesia. this bike has the same engine as the CBR 150R. This bike has been given a great outlook and we hope that this bike will be popular because of it’s comfort and engine power. Though it’s already launched in Indonesia, so we think Honda would launched this premium bike in Bangladeshi market in the next year.

upcoming bikes

Yamaha R15 v4

ACI Motors LTD the sole distributor of Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh did a great job for Yamaha this year. The Corona virus pandemic also hit this company, but in 2022, Yamaha planning to launch some exciting products in the upcoming year and their wild card will be Yamaha R15 v4. Some grey importers had already started to import this sports bike in the Bangladeshi market. But due to limitations, they priced this bike at a high price. Bikers already keep their eyes on this bike.

Although there has been no massive change in the new R15 v4, but it’s design more sharp. now it’s look like Yamaha R6. however some advanced feature added in this new version. Such as Charging port, Bluetooth mobile connectivity, riding modes and many more. ACI Motors LTD will officially launch this bike in Bangladeshi market probably in February or March.

upcoming bikes

Yamaha FZX

The All New Yamaha FZ-X comes to India as a crossover motorcycle that is inspired by Neo-Retro design thinking. With future proof features that enhance every ride and trademark classic charisma, the Yamaha FZ-X will inspire a whole new generation of motorcyclists. Together the toughness, the design, comfort, connectivity and safety of this new motorcycle will make every ride feel like a burst of freedom. Yamaha XSR which was released on 2021, it was received a huge response in Bangladesh. The outlook of the FZX bike is very similar to Yamaha XSR. This time Yamaha may bringing this new Retro bike in Bangladesh in 2022.

upcoming bikes

GPX Drone

GPX is one of the popular and leading Thai origin motorcycle manufacturing brand. Their Demon and Raptor are the most popular motorcycle series. Speedoz ltd. has already launched their two GPX bike in Bangladesh, which is GPX Demon 165R and GPX Raptor. this time they are planning to bringing a new scooter which is GPX Drone. This 149.6 cc scooter has 4 stroke 2 valves liquid cooled engine. Also it has FI technology, which helps to get a better mileage of this scooter. This scooter can be launched in Bangladesh in 2022.



Aprilia SXR 160

The Italian brand Aprilia is world wide famous for their premium and performance orient scooters. In Bangladesh, Runner Automobiles Ltd became the sole distributor of Aprilia motorcycles. Along with some premium scooters, Aprilia may launched a maxi-scooter in the next year in Bangladesh named Aprilia SXR 160. This year they had already launched this scooter in Indian market. The new SXR 160 is built on the same platform as the company’s popular moto-scooter, the SR 160, and it packs the same 160 cc single-cylinder, 3-valve, air-cooled engine that is fuel-injected and is tuned to develop 10.8 bhp at 7,100 rpm and 11 Nm of peak torque at 5,750 rpm. The SXR has been tuned to be a more comfort-oriented scooter and power is spread more evenly through the rev range. That said, it’s also 7 kg heavier at 129 kg and thus it doesn’t feel as quick as the SR 160.


TVS Raider

TVS Raider 125 was launched in India a few days ago. The 125 cc commuter bike has such a beautiful outlook that the bike has made everyone interested for this bike. The TVS Raider is powered by a 124.8 cc air-cooled engine which produces of power. It has a fuel tank of 10 Litter. It also gets Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster. It is available in two variants. Company claiming it’s mileage can be obtained 67 Kmpl. The Raider 125 from TVS is a lovely entry-level commuter motorcycle. Though it’s already launched in India we can predict, this lovely looking bike can be launched in Bangladesh in 2022.

Bajaj CT 110x

The Commuter segment occupies the largest position in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh. With that Bajaj could bring a new 115cc commuter bike which is Bajaj CT 110x to the Bangladesh market in 2022. With this bike Bajaj comes out of the usual looks and design. This bike has 115 cc 4 stroke air cooled FI Engine. This bike has a mileage of about 70 KMPL. Bajaj CT 110x already launched in India. So we can predict that Bajaj may bring this bike in Bangladesh Market in 2022.



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