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‘World Cup Festival’ With H Power (win free motorcycle, Nepal tour, fridge, TV etc)

It’s the season of Football, H power presented a offer for the “World Cup Festival” where you will get your chance to win a free motorcycle. Yes a free motorcycle. But that doesn’t end there. If you buy any model motorcycle of H Power Motors You will get a chance to win free motorcycle, Nepal tour, fridge, TV, Trekker device, helmet, dinner set, and blinder machine throughout a process of SMS. Recently they have posted about this on their official Facebook page. 

The H Power is a motorcycle brand in Bangladesh which is imports bike or bike parts from China. They are doing business for so long but they are mostly famous in the urban area. At that time they had some medium segment bikes but to keep up the phase but now they are currently offering modern high quality sports bikes also. Which are one of the most powerful bike on the market with attractive look and modern features.

For Booking : Click Here

Visit your nearest H Power Motors showroom to purchase the motorcycle on offer.

Location Contract Number
Iskaton 01708422394
Mirpur 01924663322
Gazipur 01774758803
Manikganj 01708422316
Mir Bazar 01774758807
Mirzapur 01774758822
Narsingdi 01708422307
Sakhipur 01774758821
Baluka 01774758812
Barmi 01774758824
Fulbaria 01708422445
Mymensingh 01774758820
Muktagacha 01708422360
Trishal 01774758825
B-Baria 01774758855
Bhairav 01708422435
Habiganj 01774758813
Moulvibazar 01774758878
Noapara 01774758887
Srimangal 01708422318
Kasba 01774758841
Barura 01774768817
Gouripur 01708422428
Comilla 01774758823
Laksam 01774758826
Chandpur 01784758830
Ramganj 01774758840
Chatkhil 01774758842
Lakshipur 01774758835
Raipur 01774758832
Chaumuhani 01774758844
Maizdi 01774758860
Basurhat 01774758848
Chagalnaya 01774758854
Feni 01774758849
Bariyar Hut 01774758866
Biyani Bazar Sylhet 01612042317
Sobahanighat Sylhet 01779499946
Rajnagar Moulvibazar 01712273067
Satkhira 01730814990
Bagerhat 01733584838
Pabna 01715442139

If you are interested on getting any of H power bikes, the time is now. Sweet deals like these are rear gem. Who knows what you might be the one who would be spending your time at Nepal.

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