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  • Bike Lock Combo Price

    Bike Lock Combo

    Bike Lock Combo is one of the best and reliable motorcycle security alarm and GPS tracker in Bangladesh. This device has extra battery, GPS tracking with no monthly charge, remote control system, own mobile phone app etc.

    ৳ 4,800

    Bike Lock Combo

    ৳ 4,800
  • Bike Lock Mini Combo Price in Bangladesh

    Bike Lock Mini Combo

    Bike Lock Combo Mimi the most reliable security device right now. Bike Lock Mini price in Bangladesh is 3,700/- BDT. This device is manufactured by Macktro Electronic Ltd which is funded by Sratup Bangladesh.  This mini device ensures maximum security of your bike. The owner of the motorcycle always stays connected with his bike even from a distant location. On the other hand, it makes loud alarm and constantly notifies to owner via mobile phone when someone tries to steal the bike. The device is very small to set any hidden part of a bike.

    ৳ 3,700

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