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Bike Price in Bangladesh 2023 (All Brands & Models)

Bangladesh motorcycle market was 28% degrowth in the last financial year 2022-23. Because of global impacts and the dollar rate, every motorcycle brands increased the price and loss the total number of sale expect Suzuki and Yamaha. In the previous years, low CC segment was very popular in Bangladesh but in the last year 150 – 165cc was the most selling segment comparing 80 – 100cc and 125cc. That’s why the market share and overall scenario was little bit changed. Recently the government is allowed up to 375cc bike in Bangladesh which can be another break through for the industry.

Bajaj, Yamaha, TVS, Hero, Suzuki and Honda are the key player in Bangladesh. The only renowned Bangladeshi brand Runner market share was very poor in the last year which is 2.4% only.

Lets find all motorcycles currently available in Bangladesh including full specification and the latest price in Bangladesh.



Bajaj Bike Price List

Bajaj CT 100 ES 112,000/-
Bajaj Discover 125 Disc 160,500/-
Bajaj Discover 110 Disc 143,600/-
Bajaj Platina 100 ES LED DRL 121,000/-
Bajaj Platina 110 H 131,000/-
Bajaj Avenger Street 160 274,000/-
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon 154,900/-
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Single Disc 192,750/-
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc 217,000/-
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc ABS 221,900/-
Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Twin Disc ABS 210,000/-
Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 Fi ABS 262,500/-
Bajaj Pulsar N160 DC ABS 269,900/-

TVS Bike Price List

TVS XL 100 Comfort 92,999/-
TVS XL-100 I Touch 88,99/-
TVS Metro ES/ELS 108,999/-
TVS Metro Plus 121,999/-
 TVS Metro Plus Disc 123,950/-
TVS Metro RE 124,999/-
TVS Metro RE Disc 131,999/-
TVS Radeon 120,999/-
TVS Rockz 153,999/-
TVS Wego 159,999/-
TVS Stryker 125 CC 137,999/-
TVS Raider 125 163,999/-
TVS Max/ TVS Max ST 127,999/-
TVS Ntorq 125 Race Edition 197,999/-
TVS Apache RTR Race Edition SD (WT) 189,999/-
TVS Apache RTR Race Edition RD (WT) 194,999/-
TVS Apache RTR 160 CC ABS RD WT 204,900/-
TVS Apache RTR 4V Refresh SD 197,999/-
TVS Apache RTR 4V Refresh RD 214,999/-
TVS Apache RTR 4V ABS RD 234,999/-
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Fi 269,990/-

Hero Bike Price List

Splendor+ IBS I3S 1,16,500/-
Splendor+ SE 1,17,500/-
Splendor+ Xtec 1,24,500/-
Passion XPRO 1,07,250/-
Passion XPRO Xtec 1,40,00/-
HF Deluxe BS4 I3s 1,10,500/-
HF Deluxe BS4 1,08,500/-
Glamour BS4 I3S 1,40,000/-
Ignitor Techno 1,40,000/-
Ignitor Xtec 1,55,000/-
Pleasure 1,48,000/-
Maestro Edge Xtec 1,70,000/-
Hunk 150 SDM 1,75,000/-
Hunk 150 DD 1,82,500/-
Hunk 150R DD 1,80,000/-
Hunk 150R DD ABS 1,91,000/-
Thriller 160R DD 2,10,000/-
Thriller 160R SD 2,00,000/-

Yamaha Bike Price List

Yamaha Saltu 125 (UBS) 1,58,000/-
Ray ZR Street Rally 2,70,000/-
Yamaha FZs Fi V2 (Double Disc) 2,33,000/-
Yamaha FZs Fi V3 ABS (BS4) 2,62,500/-
Yamaha FZs Fi V3 ABS (BS6) 2,70,000/-
FZ-S FI V3 ABS Vintage Edition 2,62,500/-
Yamaha Fazer V2 3,25,000/-
Yamaha MT 15 4,30,000/-
Yamaha MT 15 V2 5,25,000/-
Yamaha R15 V3 (Indian Edition) 4,85,000/-
Yamaha YZF R15 V3 Monster Edition 4,70,000/-
Yamaha XSR 155 5,45,000/-
Yamaha R15 V4 Racing Blue 6,00,000/-
Yamaha R15 V4 Dark Knight & Metallic Red 5,95,000/-
Yamaha R15M 6,10,000/-
Yamaha FZ-X 3,60,000/-

Suzuki Bike Price List

Suzuki Hayate EP 107,950/-
Suzuki GSX 125 141,950/-
Suzuki Access FI CBS 174,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer Mono Tone 192,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer Classic Plus 199,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer Matt Elegant Black 199,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer Matt Majestic Red 199,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer Fi Carb-Disc 224,950/-
Suzuki  Gixxer Fi-Disc 236,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer-Carburetor & Disc Version 241,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer Fi ABS 266,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi Disc 297,950/-
Suzuki Intruder Fi ABS 319,950/-
Suzuki Bandit 319,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer SF FI ABS – Pearl Blaze Orange 322,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi ABS 322,950/-
Suzuki Gixxer SF Matt Plus Fi & ABS
Suzuki Gixxer SF Matt Cobalt Blue Fi & ABS
Suzuki Gixxer SF Matt Elegant Black Fi & ABS
Suzuki GSX-R Dual Channel ABS 455,000/-

Honda Motorcycles Price List

Honda CBR 150R Tricolor 582,000/-
Honda CBR 150R Victory Red Black 582,000/-
Honda CBR  150R MotoGP Edition 592,000/-
Honda CB Hornet 160R CBS 209,500/-
Honda XBlade 160 SD 191,500/-
Honda XBlade 160 DD (ABS) 216,500/-
Honda Dio 185,900/-
Honda CB Shine SP 151,000/-
Honda Livo (Drum) 119,900/-
Honda Livo (Disc) 132,500/-
Honda Dream 110 110,000/-

Lifan Motorcycles Price List

Lifan KPT 150 Fi ABS 330,000
Lifan K19 DD 295,000
Lifan K19 SD 285,000
Lifan KPR 165 Fi 235,000
Lifan KPR 150 V2 185,000
Lifan X-Pect 150 175,000
Lifan KPS 150 175,000
Lifan KP 165 190,000/-
Lifan KP 165 4v 310,000/-

Zontes Bike Price List

Zontes ZT155-G1 389,000/-
Zontes ZT155-U1 379,000/-
Zontes ZT155-U 349,000/-

GPX Bike Price List

GPX Demon GR165R- Black Space 319,000/-
GPX Demon GR165R- Red Fire 319,000/-
GPX Demon GR165RR- White-Red 369,999/-
GPX Demon GR165RR- Black-Grey 369,000/-

Runner Motorcycles Price List 2023

UM Runner Renegade Sport 255,000
UM Runner Renegade Commando 246,000
Runner Bolt 165 179,000
UM Runner Xtreet R 150 160,000
Runner Knight Rider V2 159,000
Runner Knight Rider 140,000
Runner Turbo V2 167,000
Runner Turbo 125 122,000
Runner Freedom Royal+ 92,000
Dayang Runner Bullet 100 95,000
Freedom Runner F100-6A 87,000
Runner Cheeta 87,000
Dayang Runner Deluxe AD80s 79,000
Runner Bike RT 59,000
Runner Skooty-110 123,000
Runner Kite Plus 100 99,000/-


This is really a big question and lot of people want to know actually about the best motorcycle in Bangladesh. This is not possible to directly answer you this question because every motorcycle have different type of specialty. So you can ask according to the segment. You may follow below links –

Hopefull, this list will help you to find the best machine for you.

Searching for 2nd hand Bikes Price in BD?

Looking for used or second hand motorcycle and asking price? I think deshi biker is also have a solution for you. To buy and sell old motorcycle in Bangladesh you can visit our website

How many motorcycles are there in Bangladesh?

If you are asking for number of models, then your answer is around 300. Currently almost 300 different model motorbikes are available in BD. If you are asking for number of total register and non register motorbikes in Bangladesh, then the answer is around 2 million.

Motorcycles are the important transportation for the road condition like Bangladesh. It is more essential in cities because of the heavy traffic. Motorcycles are comfortable to ride and easy to move through traffic. Big city like Dhaka, its full of traffic jam. People can’t reach in their destination in time. For that motorcycle getting popular in Dhaka. For this situation Ride sharing also getting popular in Dhaka city. People can easy move through with motorcycle. Not just only in cities, motorcycles are also essential and easy transportation in Village and rural areas. Now, motorcycle is not just a passion, it also a necessary and easy transportation in cities and rural areas. So government should reduce the Import VAT in motorcycle.

High Import Duty Rate: This is one of the main issue in our country for motorcycle market. Import duty is almost 152% in all kinds of two wheeler. For this, importers couldn’t import large amount of bikes at a time and the price getting high. Few years earlier 2016-17, government reduces the supplementary duty 25% to 20% to encourage the domestic brands. But the normal import duty is remain same for the other brands and importers. The motorcycle price could be low if government reduce the import duty.

CC Limitation: In Bangladesh, 165cc is the highest motorcycle segment. Before 2002, everyone could buy any segments motorcycle in our country. But after 2002, government fixed 150 cc is the highest segment in Bangladesh because of the road condition. Recently, the present government increased the cc limitation to 165. But the Police and other government employees use higher segments bike. Many people think, higher segments bikes would be dangerous in our country. No one thinks that higher segments bike provides advanced braking system and safety. A 300cc motorcycle might not able to get 300 km/h but some time 150cc can reach 200 km/h. So the government should increase the CC limitation to 250/300 cc.

Reduces VAT in Domestic Brands: The motorcycle market share of Bangladesh is leaded by foreign brands. But now some domestic brands are coming in market. Runner, Roadmaster, H Power are the fastest growing among domestic brand. Bangladesh Government reduce supplementary duty 25% to 20%. Government trying to encourage the domestic brands to manufacture motorcycles in Bangladesh. Thats why these brand are import bike parts in CKD form and assemble in Bangladesh. For that, domestic brands are able to provide standard motorcycles at a low price.

Motorcycle Brand Market Share: There are many domestic and foreign brands are selling their motorcycle in Bangladesh. Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda these three giant motorcycle brands are leading the sports category. Yamaha holds the 4% market share and Suzuki 3.5%. But the commuter category is leaded by Indian motorcycle brands Bajaj, TVS and Hero. These three brands grabs the almost 60% market share. Because they are targeting the middle class riders and their number is huge. Among these three, Bajaj alone hold the 33% market share and TVS 18%. But now domestic brands are coming in front. After reducing VAT, domestic brands are getting interest in manufacture bikes in Bangladesh. Among them, Runner holds the most number of market share of 7%. But other domestic brands like Roadmaster, H Power are getting famous for their standard bikes but at a low price.

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