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  • DENEL 6MF5L Lead Acid 12V 5AH price in Bangladesh

    DENEL 6MF5L Lead Acid 12V 5AH

    DENEL is a well-known battery brand that produces versatile batteries for vehicles and other purposes. DENEL 6MF5L Lead Acid 12V 5AH price in Bangladesh is 1,700/- BDT.  it is a sealed maintenance-free battery far better than a conventional flood battery. On the other hand, DENEL gives a 1-year warranty. When the battery is considered the lifeblood of a motorcycle’s engine then a high-end performing battery is essential for the motorcycle. However, DENEL 6MF5L Lead Acid 12V 5AH is a top-quality battery that allows effortless SLI (Starting, Lighting, and Ignition) in any weather.

    ৳ 1,700
  • Denel Dry Battery 12V price in Bangladesh

    Denel Dry Battery 12V

    Denel Dry Battery 12V is a universal 7 aph battery designed for Honda CB 125, Honda CB 150, YAMAHA R15, SUZUKI GR-150 and so on. Denel Dry Battery 12V Price in Bangladesh 1,700/- BDT. There are so many dry batteries available in the market but DENEL ensures maximum optimization for constant performance. Denel Dry 12 V is more convenient in size and weight, it is completely sealed maintenance-free battery comes with factory charged, and doesn’t require any refilling of water or electrolyte.  Moreover, Denel Dry Battery 12V has above 1 year warranty.

    ৳ 1,700

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