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110cc engine is more powerful but less fuel efficient than 80-100cc engine. So technically 110cc gives a little extra power than the 80-100cc with acceptable loss in mileage. Sometimes more power is required rather then mileage in particular situations. 110cc is premium commuter segment for urban and rural setting. The price of 110cc segment is a bit higher than lower segment. In Bangladesh, the demand of 110cc motorcycle is moderate. Understand the purpose of your purchase and make a wise decision.

  • Walton Prizm 110 Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Prizm 110

    Consists of 107cc displacement, Walton Prizm 110 is one of the most stylish standard motorcycle in Bangladesh which has Euro3 standard engine along with fuel efficient technology. With 117.5 kerb weight, the bike can take maximum 150 kg load. Comparing with rest same segment motorcycles, Prizm 110 is one of the best bike in Bangladesh right now.

  • Walton Fusion 110 Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Fusion 110

    Walton Fusion 110 is one of the best standard motorcycle in Bangladesh within small budget which exact displacement is 107 cc. The bike is bit old fashioned now but once it was dominated the local market in the country due to it’s poor price tag. With the better horse power in this range, it can run 80 to 85 km per hour without any problem.

  • Walton Fusion 110cc Ex Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Fusion 110cc Ex

    Walton Fusion 110 EX regards as one of the most demanding motorcycle in Walton company which is almost a newest addition known as Fusion 110 earlier. The newest addition of Fusion 110 EX is added some advance features with a large fuel tank which contains 15 liters capacity, attractive colors with amazing graphics, fuel efficiency and self with kick starting system.

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