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Technically, a sports bike without fairings is called a naked sports bike. This is the basic form of the motorcycle stripped down to its fundamental parts. All major motorcycle manufacturers carry naked bikes in their range. In the grand scheme of things they are one of the most popular classes of bike on the road.

  • Roadmaster Rapido 150 Price in BD

    Roadmaster Rapido 150

    Roadmaster Rapido is a sports category bike which is a product of Roadmaster in Bangladesh. The bike Rapido is powered by 150 cc engine that generates reliable rated max power and max torque. The reported top speed of Roadmaster Rapido is 130 kmph. It’s current price in Bangladesh is BDT 1,35,900 only.

    ৳ 135,900

    Roadmaster Rapido 150

    ৳ 135,900
  • H Power Max Z Price in BD

    H Power Max Z

    H Power Max Z is powered by 150 cc engine which is a naked sports type standard bike in Bangladesh and the product of Bangladeshi company H Power. Consists of 4 stroke, 1 cylinder and air cooled engine, the max speed of the bike is 120 km per hour. H Power Max Z price in Bangladesh is BDT 135,000/-

    ৳ 135,000

    H Power Max Z

    ৳ 135,000
  • UM Runner Xtreet R 150 Price in BD

    UM Runner Xtreet R 150


    Runner is the Leading domestic motorcycle brand and gets the largest market share of almost 7%. They imports bike parts from china and assemble in Bangladesh. They are well known for their low price bike with modern technology. Recently they launched UM Runner Xtreet R 150 in Bangladesh market.

  • Sym Wolf T1 150 Price in Bangladesh

    Sym Wolf T1 150

    SYM Wolf T1 150 is a top rated Taiwanese bike which is regarded as naked sports bike that assembled in China. The brand SYM is the origin of Taiwan and it’s product Wolf T1 is powered by 149.4 cc engine. It consists of 14.8 Bhp max power and reported top speed of the bike is 120 kmph. It’s current price in Bangladesh is BDT 1,60,000 only.

  • Lifan KPS 150 Price in BD

    Lifan KPS 150

    Powered by 149 cc engine displacement, KPS 150 would be a premium bike of Lifan which is a leading motorcycle manufacturer in China. Consists of 14.8 Bhp @ 8500 rpm max power and 14 Nm @ 6500 rpm max torque, Lifan KPS 150 would make more than 120 km per hour top speed. The bike would be the top rival of Race Fiero 150FR and Benelli TNT 150.

  • Walton Speedo 150cc Price in Bangladesh

    Walton Speedo 150cc

    Walton Speedo 150 is the highest cc bike in Walton which yet to available in Bangladesh but hopefully coming soon. Speedo 150 is considered as sports category bike made by BTF150 world class balance shaft engine. Due to better acceleration, it can produce instant speed. Consists of digital LCD meter, better mileage, racing, fashionable and sporty style features, it can give you sports bike’s feelings within measured price range.

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