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Bike Tyre Gel Price in BD

Motorcycle Tyre Sealant in Bangladesh (Specification & Price)

Let’s start from the beginning. As you guys already know this article is about the tyre sealant or gel. But first, there are two types of tyres available one is with the tube and the other one is tubeless. Previously all the vehicles used tyres with tube, but currently after the tubeless tyres were available the usage of the oil tube tyres were decreased. All the companies now prefer tubeless tyres as they offer more advantages than tube tyres.

Tubeless tyres are getting popular for their vast usage and extra facilities over tube tyres. As you guys know how are the road conditions in Bangladesh. If something got stuck on they tyre or something damages the tyre its pretty common. But there is a magic trick that helps the tyre automatically close the puncture. How does the magic works? Its the magic of tyre sealant. Tire sealant comes in a liquid form that goes inside tubeless tires and automatically plugs punctures as they happen. 

Bike Tyre Gel Price in Bangladesh 2023

Tyre Gel
Price (BDT)
Kite Premium Tyre Sealant 270/=
V Fast 220/=
Flamingo 300/=
Java Racing 250/=
Quick Fix 350/=

Buy online at

What is tyre Sealant?

Tyre sealant is a special fluid that helps to prevent air holes of a tyre. Usually sealant is made from a natural latex base that dries inside a puncture when it’s exposed to air. This gel can only be used on tubeless tyres. 

How to use the gel!

The installation of the gel is pretty easy. There is no need for any tools that you won’t have. You don’t need a mechanic to install this product. The least messy way to get sealant into your tires is through the valve stem. Or there are also some other ways to install the gel. It works at high-speed. You just have to attach the nozzle of the sealant can to the tire valve, press and release the contents of the can into the tire. Then pour down all the context on the tyre. And make sure you read the instructions on the sealant can before you start so you know exactly how the product is meant to be used. You can easily install this product all buy yourself.

The amount for Use:

  • 125ml-250ml for bicycles
  • 350ml-500ml for motorcycles
  • 500ml-1000ml for small size cars
  • 1000ml-2000km for big cars


  • 1. Open the valve of the tyre, fill this Tyre Sealant into the tyre
  • 2. Close the valve of the tyre and turn the tyre running for a few minutes
  • 3. When driving, if insufficient air is found in the tyre, re-pump the tyre

Although like 2 years back we didn’t even know what a tyre gel was. But now it has also become an essential. As the demand of the gel is increasing many importars are importing some are manufacturing tyre gel. If you are searching for one it will be so easy to get one. All the garage also sells the gel. You will find some tyre gel brands here. Check out the list of available tyre gel along with their retail price. 

Kite Premium Tyre Sealant

Kite Tyre Sealant is a new product in the market but for a long time KITE has been distributing German Race and Rapide engine oil in Bangladesh. Recently, they have come up with tyre sealant and have plans to introduce more products for bikers including octane booster, fork oil etc. This product comes with a guarantee of 15 months or 15,000 km from purchase. This guarantee offer is something new which we didn’t see previously. As Kite explained, they have been testing this product for quite a long time and finally they think this is a version of their product they can finally launch. 


  • Flat prevention for motorcycles seals holes up to 8mm.
  • Guarantee of 15 months or 15,000 km from the purchase date.
  • Works for tube/tubeless tire.
  • Moderate temperature protects tube from bursting
  • Protects rim from rust.
  • Suited for Car Bike, Scooter
  • Net weight: 500ml

The price of this product is set to 270 BDT. You can also buy this product online from home at

V Fast

V Fast is currently the cheapest tyre sealant available. They are also pretty famous. They produces tyre sealant suited for car bike and scooters. This sealant is capable of sealing 8mm with activated silicone polymer which contributes to the depth of gloss and durability.


  • Suited for Car Bike, Scooter
  • Seals Punctures Immediately and Permanently
  • No more Punctures
  • Made from Raw Materials
  • Seals puncture up to 8 mm
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-aerosol
  • Non-Stain (Anti-Rust Compound)
  • Tire sealant Auto-Tyre Gel
  • V-FAST Tire sealant Auto-Tyre Gel 500ml
  • Sweet scented tire dressing.
  • It contains activated silicone polymer which contributes to the depth of gloss and durability
  • Net weight: 500ml

The price of this product is set to 220 BDT. You can also buy this product online from home at


Flamingo, multi-purpose tyre sealant which is engineered in the USA & manufactured in China. This tyre sealant is made of organic polymer material which is neutral and is of no corrosion to metals or rubber. And it can cover the breach within 6mm. Flamingo is cureently one of the popular brands as they sell not only tyre sealant but also many other related items.


  • Ideal for Tubeless Tyres
  • Stops Flat and Seals Leaks
  • Made of organic polymer material, which is neutral and is of no corrosion to metals or rubber
  • Added one time into the tyre and stops up to 60 leakages
  • Can cover the breach within 6mm
  • Good levelling to automatically seek-out the leakage in seconds
  • No volatile, non-flammable, anti-freezing
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Net Weight: 500ml
  • Engineered in the USA & Manufactured in China

The price of this product is set to 300 BDT. You can also buy this product online from home at

Java Racing

Java Racing auto sealant can repair your Tubeless Tire of your motorbike & car tyre both. Any kind of air leaks from the tyre can be repaired by using it. This product is capable of sealing upto 7mm and  it will support you 20,000 kilometer or 1.5 Years. This Java ricing product is pretty famous and can be found easily. It also offers Anti Rust Rust Resistant technology, which protects your motorcycle and vehicle rim from rust.


  • Micro Technology to Bangladesh
  • Anti Rust Tyre Sealant
  • Specially Design For Bangladesh Roads And Vehicle
  • JAVA TYRE Sealant No need to open the wheel
  • Can be used on both cars and motorcycle wheels
  • Keeps the wheel cool and protected
  • With just 5 ml, your wheels are guaranteed without any balance problem
  • Large pores capable of closing up to 5 millimeters
  • Anti Rust Rust Resistant, which protects your motorcycle and vehicle rim from rust

The price of this product is set to 300 BDT. You can also buy this product online from home at

Quick Fix

Quick Fix is one of the most used tyre sealant gel in Bangladesh. They are doing their business here in bangladesh from 2017. Quick Fix tyre sealant is designed  to protect the tire flattened, formulated with the advanced technology with finely selected material. Quick Fix Premium Tire Sealant is capable of  sealing  punctures up to 10MM (TESTED) and is non-flammable, will not freeze, is non toxic & safe to the environment.


  • It has a long sealant duration which is 15 months or 15,000 Km.
  • Anti-burst formula which always keeps the tire cool to prevent tyre burst.
  • There is a pipe and VCR with the bottle inside so you can easily install it by yourself.
  • It has the ability to fix over 60 punctures.
  • They have use the first in segment Nano-web technology which can fix the puncture instantly and permanently.
  • Anti-Rust technology used to prevent rim rust.
  • This premium tyre sealant is CE, MSDS, ROHS certified.
  • 450ml/bottle (one bottle for one wheel).

The price of this product is set to 350 BDT. You can also buy this product online from home at

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