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11 Cheapest Motorcycle in Bangladesh (Price & Specification)

Now a days, the use of motorcycle is increasing. Because of the traffic jam and easy to travel. There are many motorcycle brand available in Bangladesh. Some of those are foreign and some are domestic. Bangladesh is a developing country and that’s why many people lives in the rural areas. These people use motorcycle for easy transport and their number one priority is commuter bikes. Commuter motorcycles are cost effective, give better mileage and mostly easy to ride and smooth to control. Because of the traffic jam, the number of motorcycle rider is also increasing in cities. So lets find out the top 11 cost effective motorcycle available in Bangladesh.


Runner Bike RT 55,000/-
Roadmaster Prime 60,900/-
H Power Star 80 68,000/-
Dayang Runner Delux 69,000/-
Victor-R V80 Xpress 70,000/-
Runner Cheeta 73,000/-
H Power Recover 80,000/-
Dayun Sprout 80,900/-
Roadmaster Delight 84,900/-
Race City 100 87,000/-
Hero HF Deluxe 87,490/-

Runner Bike RT

Runner is a well known and trust worthy domestic motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. They manufacture and assemble motorcycle and parts in Bangladesh. Runner Bike RT is a commuter segment bike from this company. This is a 80 cc two wheeler and most cost effective motorcycle from runner. This bike powered with 86 cc displacement engine which can generates 5.9 bhp maximum power at 7500 rpm. This two wheeler also gets new paint scheme and design and mostly 5-spoke stunning alloy wheel. It can deliver average mileage almost 65 km/l.


Roadmaster Prime

Now Roadmaster is one of the promising domestic brand in Bangladesh. Basically they import bike parts from china and assemble in Bangladesh. Roadmaster Prime is a 80 cc commuter segments motorcycle. This bike comes with classic commuter design and multi-colored body decals in all over the body. The headlamp unit and mirror section looks good. 5 spoke alloy wheels and additional pillion grabrail increased its looks. the engine power train is also good as a commuter 80 cc segment bike. This two wheeler can produce 6 bhp maximum power at 8000 rpm. For the lightweight chassis its easy to control even in heavy traffic.



H Power Star 80

This 80cc segment commuter motorcycle is well known for its comfortable seating and easy riding. There is also a grabrail and a pillion back rest available in this two wheeler for pillion comfort. Star 80 little bit smaller in dimension but it will be suitable for lower height riders. 5 spoke alloy wheels, well paint scheme, big stair seat and comfortable footpegs makes it a perfect lower segment commuter motorcycle. It can generates 2.6 bhp maximum power at 8000 rpm and 3 Nm torque at 5500 rpm. For its light kerb weight it can provide average mileage of 70 km/L.


Runner Delux

This is another commuter segment two wheeler from domestic brand runner. The demand of commuter bikes in our country is always high. Because of long durability, easy riding and most importantly high number of mileage. This motorcycle gets stunning paint scheme, well made exhaust, pillion comfortable grabrail, long big stair seat makes it a comfortable commuter bike. This two wheeler powered with 85 cc displacement, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine which can generates 6.1 bhp maximum power at 8500 rpm and 5.5 Nm torque at 5500 rpm. This bike is available in Kick and electric both starter and also can deliver 70 km/l average mileage.


Victor R V80 Xpress

This motorcycle is larger in dimension as a 80cc segment. This commuter bike comes with 5 spoke alloy wheel, large pillion grab-rail, sharp headlamp unit, dual shock spring suspension and a wide handlebar position. The aluminum covered exhaust and body decals just increased its look. This commuter bike also gets a compact engine power train. This bike can generates 5 bhp maximum power at 7500 rpm and 4.5 Nm torque at 6000 rpm.


Runner Cheeta

This is one of the popular commuter motorcycle from the domestic brand runner. Runner Cheeta comes with fashionable multi-colored body decals, spring on spring rear dual-shock suspension, naked fairing headlamp unit, 5 spoke alloy wheels. It also gets a large pillion grabrail and cast alloy rim in additional feature. The engine power is powered by 97.67 displacement engine which can generates 6.97 bhp maximum power at 8000 rpm and the average mileage close to 65 km/l.




H Power Recover

H Power Recover is a 125 cc standard bike and can be the most reliable product of H Power. It consists of a four stroke, single cylinder engine technology. With four speed gear transmission, the bike Recover can run with 100 km per hour top speed reportedly. H Power Recover has gorgeous and eye-catching body shape which has also an extended kit attached to the fuel tank. It’s price in Bangladesh is BDT 80,000.

Dayun Sprout

Dayun is a reputed motorcycle manufacturer in China. Their low segment commuter motorcycle, Dayun Sprout is powered by 98.35 cc engine which consists of four stroke, one cylinder and air cooled. Sprout is a standard bike of Dayun consists of 4.8 kW max power. It has the latest self-starting technology along with kick start. Average mileage of the bike is 60 km reportedly and it can run with almost 80 km per hour.

Roadmaster Delight

Roadmaster Delight is a 100 cc standard bike which is a product of local brand Roadmaster in Bangladesh. Roadmaster has a number of 100 cc products and among them, Delight is one of the top-rated bikes in the company. The bike Delight assembled in Bangladesh which consists of 98.53 cc actual displacement. The bike generates 4.5 kW max power and reported top speed of the bike is 80 kmph. Current price in Bangladesh is BDT 84,900 only.


Race City 100

Race City is a product of Race and the brand is the origin of Bangladesh. The bike is a 100 cc standard category which is assembled in China. The engine consists of SOHC air cooled and two valve added with 7.37 Bhp max power. The current price of the bike Race City is BDT 87,000 reportedly.

Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe is a 100cc bike which is manufactured by Indian company Hero but assembled in Bangladesh. The motorcycle has 97.2 cc engine which can manage 5.74 kW @ 75000 rpm max power with 8.04 Nm @ 4500 rpm max torque. The bike can provide more than 65 km mileage average and run with 85 km per hour top speed. The bike is popular for a reasonable price and better mileage. 

Commuter bikes are suitable for Bangladesh because of the road condition. On the other hand there are most of the people live in rural areas. Commuter bikes are suitable for rural off road. People always want good looking motorcycle with high mileage. Now a days commuter two wheelers are also getting popular in cities because of the traffic jam. Ride sharing is become one of the easy transportation and riders using commuter bikes for it. Commuter bikes can provide better mileage, easy to control and cost effective.

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