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Team DeshiBiker Celebrates 7th Anniversary

DeshiBiker Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Deshi Biker celebrated 7th anniversary of biking on 29 March 2024, Friday. The occasion was held at Evergreen’92 Chayatol Resort & Restaurant in Purbachal, Dhaka. Deshi Biker arranged an Iftar Mahil with around 200 bikers, partners, motorcycle industry officials, well-wishers, and distinguished guests. As it was an Iftar Mahfil, guests joined on time and Iftar all together. After evening prayer, all expressed their feelings and wishes to Deshi Biker.

DeshiBiker Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Deshi Biker the largest bikers community in Bangladesh was started back in six years to create a biking culture in Bangladesh by Dewan Sohan. He highlighted that on this long journey, they have met many motorcycle enthusiasts across the country who helped them to create this community. He also remarked their achievements and the support of different individuals and companies. He cordially thanked all of the attending guests, volunteers and those who virtually wished to Deshi Biker from home and abroad. Prominent motorcycle brands’ officials presented in the evening they wished team Deshi Biker and appreciated Deshibiker’s contributions to the Bangladesh motorcycle industry. They possessed a good mindset on team Deshi Biker because of Deshi Biker’s dynamic and authentic presence in this arena.

Social media influencers, YouTubers, moto vlogers, and female bikers were also invited they also shared their feelings and opinions. They assured that Deshi Biker is quite a different platform which is a biker-friendly community, Deshi Biker always prioritizes bikers first. They wish to see Deshi Biker at the international level and they also aspire to benefit from Deshi Biker as before.

Deshi Bikers’ well-wisher motorcycle brands, business partners, and contemporary individuals presented greeting crests and love essences of flowers to team Deshi Biker. They also recollected their long journey with Deshi Biker and hoped to progress with the team in the upcoming days. Some of them shared their business plans with Deshi Biker and willingly mentioned their aspiration for Deshi Biker.


The seventh-anniversary ceremony ended with a merriment moment whereas Deshi Biker accelerated thyself with great inspiration and responsibility.

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