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  • Hamko 12N9-4B-SMF Price in Bangladesh

    Hamko 12N9-4B-SMF

    Hamko 12N9-4B-SMF is a compact seal battery for the most popular bike Bajaj Pulsar and TVS Apache. Hamko 12N9-4B-SMF price in Bangladesh is 1865/- BDT. Being a sized battery it can be placed perfectly and ensures safety, Hamko 12N9-4B-SMF is the best option to replace the battery if required. Hamko 12N9-4B-SMF is a high-quality maintenance-free battery that provides maximum optimization to increase your motorcycle performance and powerful ride.

    ৳ 1,865

    Hamko 12N9-4B-SMF

    ৳ 1,865
  • Hamko 12N6.5 3B-SMF Price in Bangladesh

    Hamko 12N6.5 3B-SMF

    Hamko 12N6.5 3B-SMF is a maintenance-free sealed battery for motorcycles from 125 to 150cc engine capacity bikes. Hamko 12N6.5 3B-SMF price in Bangladesh is 1705.00 BDT. Its AGM construction ensures better vibration resistance which leads to long endurance and reliability. As it is permanently sealed so it doesn’t need refilling, electrolyte, or water.

    ৳ 1,705

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