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Hero Eid Exclusive Cashback

Hero offers upto 12,500/- taka cashback on selected bikes

Hero MotoCrop is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, always keeping itself updated with evolution. Over time Hero Motorcycle has become bikers’ first and foremost choice for motorcycles in Bangladesh. Hero Motorcycle frequently offers exclusive cashback offers for customers. Niloy Motor Ltd, the local distributor of Hero MotoCrop in Bangladesh launched Eid exclusive cashback offer to augment Eid’s excitement immensely. Hero offers 2,000/- to 12,500/- taka instant cashback in Hero’s selected bikes in all Hero-authorized showrooms in Bangladesh. Customers will get instant cashback in different amounts with different motorcycles, Hero’s most popular bike Hero Thriller 160 R in both variants offers 8,000/- taka cashback and Hero Hunk 150R ABS cuts off 12,500/- during this cashback offer. Moreover, Hero’s other motorcycles also have very lucrative amount of cashback. So, don’t be late to go to your nearby Hero-authorized showroom lest this amazing opportunity might end. 

This time Hero brought to us instant cashback in various amounts with all motorcycles. Let’s check Hero Motorcycle Eid special offer price.

Model Cashback Offer Price
Hero HF Deluxe – BS4 2,000/- 104,500/-
Hero HF Deluxe BS4 TL 4,500/- 106,500/-
Hero HF Deluxe BS4 i3S 4,500/- 108,500/-
Hero Splendor Plus – BS4 4,000/- 113,000/-
Hero Splendor Plus – i3S IBS 4,000/- 116,000/-
Hero Splendor Plus – SE 6,000/- 115,000/-
Hero Splendor Plus – XTEC 2,000/- 127,000/-
Hero Passion Xpro i3S 4,000/- 128,000/-
Hero Passion Xpro XTEC 4,000/- 141,000/-
Hero Glamour – BS4 i3S  4,000/- 141,000/-
Hero Ignitor – FV XTEC 4,000/- 156,000/-
Hero Hunk SDM 4,000/- 176,000/-
Hero Hunk DD 4,000/- 183,500/-
Hero Hunk 150R DD 12,500/- 181,500/-
Hero Hunk 150R ABS 12,500/- 192,000/-
Hero Thriller 160R SD 8,000/- 192,000/-
Hero Thriller 160R DD 8,000/- 202,000/-

Above mentioned offer price will remain eligible until further announcement.

Hero also offers the country’s first five-year warranty and all 100 cc motorcycles at 17,000/- taka only downpayment with 18 months convenient installment. In order to have more information visit Hero showroom or verified Facebook page and website.

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