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ForumCategory: BajajBajaj pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh
hamim khan asked 4 years ago

Pulsar motorcycles are my favorite since i got interest in riding. Now I’m using Bajaj Pulsar 135. I recently saw the version of Pulsar 150 single disc. How good the configuration of this bike? Is there any twin disc version available in Bangladesh and please inform me the current market price of this bike.

1 Answers
Farhan Sadik Staff answered 4 years ago

Bajaj is a giant motorcycle manufacturer brand and became more popular after launching Pulsar bike series in 2001. The design concept is collected from its previous version but it came with different color shade and body decals. The engine power and the dash board remain the same as before. The Twin disc version is also available in Bangladesh Market. The current market price of this bike is 170,900 BDT.
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