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SOCH and DOHC both are very useful engine setups employed in modern vehicles particularly cars, motorcycles, and others. SOCH stands for Single Overhead Camshaft inversely DOHC refers to Dual Overhead Camshaft, here the amount of component Camshaft is the factor. So first of all let you know what the camshaft is and what purpose it serves. Generally, the camshaft is a mechanical rotating rod with several rectangle lobes in different positions, in every rotation the lobes push the valves to inhale air inside the cylinder chamber to absorb fuel and combust, later on, push the valves to exhaust the resultant gases.

In single camshaft cylinder the camshaft takes part in pushing the valves to both intake and exhaust the air. On the other hand, one camshaft pushes the valves to intake air and another one pushes to exhaust gases in dual overhead camshaft called DOHC.


Difference Between SOHC and DOHC Engine

Generally, SOHC employed engine allows two or more valves per cylinder configuration, the single camshaft respectively pushes the valves to inhale air and after mixing with fuel combust to exhaust gases. There is a large open area to enter the air and escape gases, because of two or more valves inside the cylinder, SOHC is lighter than DOHC engine. Because of lightweight, SOHC engines can produce higher torque at the lower end which results in better mileage or fuel efficiency.

On the other hand, there are two integral camshafts inside the engine cylinder, one opens the valves to intake air and another to adjust valves to exhaust gases. The DOHC engine is implemented with 4 valves by default which leads to intake and exhaust air on a large scale. DOHC setup enhances airflow to produce more power than the SOHC engine, as DOHC can implement more valves so it can complete more cycles at a time and produce higher RPMs.

DOHC consists of dual camshafts and four valves, due to multiple mobile parts its maintanances cost increased. SOHC engines are less complex and accompanied by minimum parts, so it require lower maintenance.
DOHC produces more power because double camshafts function at a time, to activate 4 valves camshafts need to burn more fuel. SOHC is fuel efficient than DOHC, the single camshaft burns limited fuel to activate 2 0r 3 valves.
Because of 4 valves increase the DOHC setup. SOHC engines are designed with 2/3 valves so they are lighter in weight.
A similar configuration of DOHC engine delay to make the same torque of SOHC. SOHC engine produces higher torque just because of its lightweight.

Hence,  whatever single or dual the camshaft contributes to functioning an engine properly, significantly impacts on output and torque of a motorcycle or car. A DOHC setup is an ideal arrangement for a performance-oriented motorcycle. Meanwhile, the SOHC configuration is sufficient for fuel-economic engines, this setup is more than enough for your basic needs.

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