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Walton Road Rider 12N5-BS

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Walton Road Rider 12N5-BS is a performance-oriented battery suitable for motorcycles. Walton Road Rider 12N5-BS price in Bangladesh is 1290/- BDT. Walton Road Rider 12N5-BS is a high-cranking battery with a long life span. This self-discharged seal battery has extreme vibration resistance and is CCA-proven. Walton Road Rider 12N5-BS leads a hassle-free riding experience, its internal components tolerate any weather conditions.


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Walton Road Rider 12N5-BS Specification

Nominal voltage 12 Volt
Nominal Capacity 20 Hour, 5 AH
1.95 ± 0.05 kg
Internal Resistance
Fully charge Battery, 35 
Maximum Charging Current
0.5 A
Float Charging Voltage
14.3~14.8 VDC
Product Dimension Length- 130 mm
Width- 46.5 mm
Height- 100 mm
Terminal Lead Alloy
Application Motorcycle


Walton Road Rider 12N5-BS Features

  • Non-spillable maintenance-free battery
  • AGM technology recombinants gas to extend battery life and to prevent micro short circuit
  • Equipped with PbCaSn alloy for plate grids
  • Low self discharged
  • Flame-retardent ABS material enhances the strength of the battery container
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