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What Helmet MotoGP Rider uses? [ Brand + Price ]

MotoGP is an interesting game for all bike lovers. MotoGP lovers have so many interest in this game. Today we will know about Helmets used by top 10 MotoGP riders.

1. Fabio Quartararo : Fabio Quartararo is currently leading the MotoGP world standing with 267 points. This biker uses Yamaha company bike in MotoGP race. He uses the Scorpion brand Exo R1 Air model helmet. Scorpion company has made only 500 unit of this helmet. Every single piece of replica of this helmet is 480$. Which is approximately 40 thousands Taka. 

2. Francesco Bagnaia : Francesco Bagnaia is currently in second place with 228 points in MotoGP. This Italian biker uses Ducati brand bikes in MotoGP. This 24 years old biker uses Suomy brand SP-GP Model helmet. The replica price of this model is 688$ or 59 thousands Taka.

3. Joan Mir : This Spanish biker is currently in the 3rd position with 195 points. Joan Mir uses Suzuki brand bikes. This world champion uses AGV brand Pista GP RR helmet in MotoGp. The replica of this helmet costs 880 Euros, which is about 87 thousands Taka.

4. Jack Miller : This Australian MotoGP rider is currently ranked 4th with 175 points. This 26 years old MotoGP rider uses Ducati brand bike. Helmet he uses in MotoGP is a fully customized AGV brand helmet. This helmet is not available in market, but it has a replica which name is AGV K1. The price of this replica helmet is 349$ which is about 30 thousands Taka.

5. Johann Zarco. This 31 years MotoGP rider is currently ranked 5th position with 183 points. This rider use Ducati brand bike like Bagnaia and miller. Zarco uses Ducati brand Shark Race-R pro helmets. The replica of this helmet costs 650$ or 55 thousands Taka.

6. Marc Marquez : This 8 time MotoGP world champion rider uses Honda Company bikes in MotoGP. This Spanish rider is currently 8th position with 142 points. This world champion rider currently wears Shoei brand X-14 model helmet on MotoGP. The market value of this helmet is 78 thousands Dollars. Which is 6 lakh 68 thousands Taka.

7. Brad Binder : This MotoGP rider using KTM bike is at number 6th of ranking with 142 points. This Russian MotoGP rider also uses a custom made helmet of HJC brand. which is named Brad binder 1:4 helmet. The price of the replica of this helmet is 100 Euro, which is about 10 thousands Taka.

8. Alex Espargaro : This Spanish MotoGP rider is ranked 7th with 113 points using the Aprilia Bike. Alex switched from Shark brand to KYT Falcon helmet in 2016. The replica of KYT falcon helmet costs is 172 Dollar, which is 15 thousands Taka.

9. Maverick Vinales : Another MotoGP rider Maverick who uses Aprilia bike is currently in the 9th position with 108 points. This Spanish rider uses Arai brand RX-7V Vinales 12 helmet. The replica of this Helmet is 950 Dollars. Which is about 80 thousands Taka.

10. Pol Espargaro : This Spanish MotoGP rider is currently ranked 10th with 100 points using Honda bike. Pol uses custom made helmet of HJC brand. A replica of Pol’s used helmet costs 840 Euros, which is about 84 thousands Taka.

This is some information about Top 10 riders and their used bikes and helmets at MotoGP world standing. Stay tuned to to get all the information about bikes and bikers.

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