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What is Xtec in Hero Motorcycles?

Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, has a significant presence in the Bangladeshi motorcycle market. Since its establishment, the company has gained popularity for offering a diverse range of reliable and affordable motorcycles tailored to the needs of Bangladeshi consumers. Hero Motorcycles in Bangladesh cater to various market segments, from commuters to stylish street bikes. Recently Hero has implemented “Xtec” features in their motorcycles including Splendor Plus, Passion XPRO, Ignitor, and scooter Maestro Edge. In the following article, we’ll clarify what “Xtec” is.

What is Xtec?

Generally, Xtect refers to some advanced technology features that are adapted in Hero motorcycles. These features are connected to a digital speedometer to remind and awar the rider so many means by frequent indication. Various features like SMS alert, caller ID, battery indicator, low fuel indicator, clock, odometer, trip meter, Bluetooth connectivity, service indicator, side stand indicator, i3S  are derived from Xtec features. The i3S feature helps to save fuel, it cuts the engine automatically in 5-6 seconds and starts by pressing the clutch. Along with other features USB charging ports and easy connectivity are brought to Hero’s motorcycles and scooter incredible technological improvements.

Hero Xtec features motorcycles 

  • Splendor Plus Xtec
  • Passion XPRO Xtec
  • Ignitor Xtec
  • Maestro Edge Xtec


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