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ACI Motors Ltd. launched Yamaha R15 V4 & R15M (Pre-booking started)

Yamaha is one of the leading motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, ACI Motor Ltd is the only distributor in Bangladesh. Yamaha has already introduced exciting motorcycles in every segment including commuters, sports commuters, sports, and scooters but Yamaha is always famous for sports bikes. ACI Motor Ltd launched Yamaha R15 V4 (Intensity White) & R15M (TFT Color Meter) on Friday evening, 6, October 2023 in ACI Center. At this gala evening Mr Subrata Ranjan Das, Executive Director of ACI Motors Ltd unveiled the most awaited Yamaha R15 V4 (Intensity White) & R15M (TFT Color Meter) before so many distinguished guests, team Deshi Biker also witnessed this event and shared their experiences and expectations on the new Yamaha R15 & R15M. Pre-booking is going on for Yamaha R15 V4 (Intensity White) & R15M (TFT Color Meter), anyone can pre-book by the following method. The

Pre-Book process:

Click here to pre-book and submit the required information after submitting the information you’ll get a confirmations SMS and OTP code. After that you’ve to pay the pre-booking money minimum 50,000 taka within following 72 hours to selected Yamaha dealer point and then you’ll get another confirmation. The selected dealer point will provide you the necessary information later. You can also pre-book the bike from Yamaha Motorcycle Ltd website and verified Facebook page. Pre-booking is open for everyone in all Yamaha authorized showroom throughout Bangladesh.

Yamaha R15 stands as the engineering excellence and innovation in the world of motorcycles. With its sporty  design, powerful engine, and advanced technology, the new edition Yamaha R15 V4 (Intensity White) & R15M (TFT Color Meter) delivers a remarkable riding experience. Its combination of style, agility, and performance makes it a top choice for riders who appreciate precision and speed on the road. Yamaha’s dedication to crafting high-quality motorcycles is evident in every detail of Yamaha R15 V4 (Intensity White) & R15M (TFT Color Meter), making these a symbol of Yamaha’s legacy in the realm of sports bikes.


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