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Dual Vs Mono Shock Suspension

Dual Vs Mono shock suspension: Which one is better for motorcycle?

In 1913, rear motorcycle suspension or shock absorbers were first invented in the hope of reducing the effects of riding on rough roads. In our country, two types of suspensions are mainly using in motorcycles. Those are mono-shock and Dual-shock. We can see only two types of bikes in Bangladesh, Commuter and Sports. Dual-shock is mostly used in commuters and mono-shock is in sports.

Rear suspensions are designed to increase riding quality and comfort. Now the modern era of motorcycles introducing new and advanced features to enhance the ability and performance of motorcycles. The shock-absorbers are also getting some development. In the war of the shocks absorber, is it better to use a dual-shock suspension or a mono-shock suspension setup?

So let’s find out the differences between them:

Dual-shock absorber: twin means the motorcycle has two shock absorbers and it is a little old school by today’s day and age. Dual shocks are available on pretty much all the regular/ commuter bikes in Bangladesh. For carrying heavyweight, Dual-shock gives better performance than Mono-shock. In our country, roads are in bad shape and it’s hard to drive smoothly. It meant more pressure on the swingarm. and hence there is a need for a system to soak up all those bumps. And a mono-shock would have done the job. The commuter bikes are mainly used in rural areas; it means the bike has to carry a lot of weight than its usually capable of. For that reason, Mono-shock is invented. And it’s much cheaper than other suspensions.

Advantages of Dual-shock absorber:

  • Gives a smooth ride in the rough road surface.
  • Cost cheaper than other suspensions.
  • Absorbs bumps pressure.
  • It’s easy to get service and maintain.
  • Can carry the extra load.

Disadvantages of Dual-shock:

  • Can’t provide proper confidence in cornering.
  • The ride is compromised at high speed.
  • It’s hard to control at high speed.
  • It’s not comfortable on a long drive.

Mono-shock absorbers: though they are using in a foreign country for a long time but they are available in Bangladesh. This suspension is mainly used in a sports bike. Sports bikes are usually made for one rider. So that this suspension doesn’t have to take loads on its bumper. Mono-shock is perfect for cornering and handling. They can provide better stability at high speed. They are bulky and costly than Dual-shock.

monoshock suspension

Advantages of mono-shock absorbers:

  • Gives better cornering and highway stability.
  • Eliminate torque to the swingarm.
  • It gives better and comfortable riding.
  • It’s easy to control at high speed.
  • It’s easy to tuning.

Disadvantages of mono-shock absorbers:

  • The maintenance cost is much higher.
  • It’s can’t carry overload.
  • This suspension’s lifespan is a little bit low.
  • It can’t take the pressure of the bumps properly.

So, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of Dual-shock and Mono-shock absorbers. You have to choose one of them within your budget and comfort.

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