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Eid Happiness Even After Eid (Eid Al Adha)

Eid Al Adha’s vacations end and people of all professions are returning to work, on this Eid Yamaha Motorcycle offered exclusive Eid Cashback enjoyed by Yamaha lovers. A large number of motorcycle enthusiasts purchased their dream bike just because of cashback, Yamaha Motorcycle Bangladesh wants to extend this happiness for longer, so Yamaha announced another cashback offer after Eid. Now Yamaha offers up to 12,500/-  taka instant cashback on Yamaha’s selected bikes. People will enjoy Eid happiness after Eid and Yamaha Motorcycle Bangladesh want that.

Yamaha’s most-selling bike Yamaha FZ-S V2 DD regular price is 239,000/- taka which was sold at 230,500/- during Eid Al Adha cashback offer and now is available at 232,500/- only. Similarly, after 12,500/- taka cashback Yamaha FZS V3 (Vintage) price cane at 250,000/- taka.

However, instead of being disappointed who missed the Eid exclusive cashback visit your nearby Yamaha authorized showroom to grab your dream bike right now and enjoy Eid happiness after Eid.

Moreover, Yamaha also offers exclusive cashback on the following models.

Model Cashback (BDT)
Yamaha FZ-S V2 DD 7,000/-
Yamaha FZ-S V3 (BS4) 7,000/-
Yamaha FZ-S V3 (Vintage) (BS4) 12,500/-
Yamaha FZ-S FI ABS (BS6) 7,000/-
Yamaha  FZ-S FI ABS Deluxe (BS6) 7,000/-
Yamaha FZ-X 4,000/-

Price after cashback.

Model Price (BDT)
Yamaha FZ-S V2 DD 2,32,500/-
Yamaha FZ-S V3 (BS4) 255,500/-
Yamaha FZ-S V3 (Vintage) (BS6) 250,000/-
Yamaha FZ-S FI ABS (BS6) 268,000/-
Yamaha  FZ-S FI ABS Deluxe (BS6) 272,000/-
Yamaha FZ-X 303,500/-
Yamaha Fazer FI V2 3,25,000/-
Yamaha R15 V3 4,99,000/-
Yamaha R15 V4 Racing Blue 6,00,000/-
Yamaha R15 V4 Dark Knight & Metallic Red 5,95,000/-
Yamaha R15 M 6,10,000/-
Yamaha R15 V4 (Intensive White) 6,50,000/-
Yamaha R15 M (Color Meter) 6,75,000/-
Yamaha MT 15 V1 4,39,000/-
Yamaha MT 15 V2 5,25,000/-
Yamaha Saluto 125 cc (UBS) 1,58,000/-
Yamaha Street Ray 125 FI Scooter 2,70,000/-
Yamaha Aerox 155 5,30,000/-

This offer remains eligible across the country until further announcement.

So, don’t get late visit your nearby Yamaha authorized showroom to get your bike, for more information follow the verified Facebook page of Yamaha Motorcycle Bangladesh and website.

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