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Things you should know before buying a motorcycle tyre

Riding a motorcycle always give us the joyous and adrenaline pumping. However, motorcycles are single-track vehicles and it’s easy to get into an accident. Motorcycles always stay on the road with the rubber side down and it’s called tyre. So it’s very important to keep your tyre in good nick and shape. If your tyre not in a good shape then you should change them. But many riders can’t understand what should they know before purchasing a new tyre. On many occasions, riders buy the wrong size tyre for their motorcycle and face so many problems. So let’s take a look at what a rider should know before buying a motorcycle tyre.

Tyre Size: Riding with the right size tyre is a very important part. We love to do an experiment for that many riders change their stock tyre with a wider tyre. Motorcycle manufacturing companies do many experiments before launching a motorcycle. They spend much time finding out which size will be suitable for a motorcycle. Tyre manufacturing companies write down the tyre size into the tyre sidewall. So you can easily read it and know the ideal size of your tyre. If you change the tyre size of your bike, it will dramatically change the balance and braking of your bike. So it’s a smart thing to not change your tyre size.

Tyre Code: In every tyre, you will find a number written on its sidewall. Those numbers have a meaning that you should know. For example, you purchase a 130/90 – 16 67 H tyre for your bike. Here 130 stands for Section width. It means how the width of your tyre surface is. 90 stands for aspect ratio. Here 16 means what is the rim diameter. If you purchase a tyre with 130/90 size but your rim diameter didn’t match then your tyre won’t fit properly. 67 means how much load your tyre can hold. And lastly, H stands for how fast your tyre can run. So you should learn the tyre code before buying a new tyre.

Load rating Chart

Load Index Kilograms
65 290
66 300
67 307
68 315
69 325
70 325
71 345
72 355
73 365
74 375
75 387

Tyre Type: We can see so many tyre type variations in the market. Each type has specific Effectiveness. We can find mainly three types of tyre variation in the Bangladesh market. Those are soft compound tyre, hard compound tyre and off-road tyre. Soft compound tyres are basically known as truck tyre. This type of tyre will give you a better grip, perfect cornering and proper braking during slippery surfaces. But this type of tyre doesn’t have long durability. Another type is a hard compound tyre. This type of tyre has long life durability but it can’t provide you with better grip and confidence during cornering. We can often see off-road tyres. Because in Bangladesh, we can see just a few amounts of off-road bikes. These tyres are mainly used for better grip and to prevent slippage.

We didn’t see many domestic tyre manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. But recently Tourino tyres are starting to make world-class tube and tubeless tyres in Bangladesh. They are the first tubeless tyre manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Their tyres are easily comparable with any world-class tyres. Now they are making 24 patterns 29 sizes tyre. So let’s take a look at their tyre sizes.


100/80-17 (SUPERRIDE) Front Yamaha (FZ, FZ-S, Fazer), SUZUKI (Gixxer)
100/90-17 (JOURNEY) Rear Bajaj (Discover-135, Pulsar DTSI, Platina, HERO IGNITO, HONDA STUNNER 100, Honda Unicon-150
100/90-17 (ARROW-C) Rear
100/90-17 (CROSSROAD) Rear
100/90-17 (SOLDIER) Rear
100/90-18 (ARROW-Y) Rear CBZ Xtreme-150, HERO HUNK-150, Karizma ZMP 220, Passion-100, Apache 160
100/90-18 (CROSSROAD) Rear
100/90-18 (RACETECH) Rear
110/70-17 (ROAD GRIPPER) Front/Rear HONDA CBZ
110/80-17 (ARROW-C) Rear APACHE RTR-160, Pulsar 150, Keeway RKS 100
120/80-16 (SUPERCROSS) Rear
120/80-17 (RACE KING) Rear BAJAJ Pulsar DTSI-150, HERO Hunk-150, Pulsar 220, Keeway RKS 125 GS (Front)
120/80-17 (ARROW-C) Rear
120/80-18 (ARROW-R) Rear HERO HUNK-150
130/70 – 17 (ROAD GRIPPER) Front/Rear Yamaha R15 V2, RTR 160 (rear)
140/60-17 (AVIVA) Rear Yamaha (FZ, FZ-S, Fazer), SUZUKI (Gixer)
140/60-17 (BLADE ) Rear
140/70-17 (ROADGIPPER) Front/Rear Apache RTR 160, Loncin GP 150 (Front)
80/100-17 (ARENA) Front/Rear HERO Karizma ZMP220, Hero Passion Pro 100
80/100-17 (ARROW ) Front
80/100-18 (ARROW -Y ) Front/Rear
90/100-10 (ARROW-Z ) Front/Rear HERO Pleasure
90/90-17 (ARROW ) Front/Rear BAJAJ Discover-135, Pulsar, DTSI, HERO, IGNITO, TVS Apache RTR 150, Pulsar 220, Keeway RKS 100(Front), Keeway RKS 125 GS (Front)


1 100/90-17 (CROSSROAD) Rear
2 100/90-17 (SOLDIER) Rear
3 100/90-17 (ARROW-C) Rear
4 100/90-18 (CROSSROAD) Rear
5 100/90-18 (RACETECH) Rear
6 100/90-18 (ARROW-Y) Rear
7 110/90-16 (MAX GRIP) Front/Rear
8 120/80-17 (ARROW-C) Rear
9 120/80-18 (ARROW-R) Rear
10 2.25-17 (AGNI) Front
11 2.50-17 (LION) Front
12 2.50-17 (ARROW-C) Rear
13 2.50-17 (RHINO) Rear
14 2.50-17 (TIGER) Rear
15 2.50-17 (EAGLE) Rear
16 2.50-18 (TIGER) Rear
17 2.50-18 (LION) Front
18 2.75-14 (ARROW) Front/Rear
19 2.75-14 (GENIUS) Front/Rear
20 2.75-17 (LION R) Front
21 2.75-17 (ARROW) Front/Rear
22 2.75-17 (TIGER) Rear
23 2.75-18 (LIONSPEED) Front/Rear
24 2.75-18 (RACETECH) Rear
25 2.75-18 (ARROW) Front/Rear
26 2.75-18 (LION R) Front
27 2.75-18 (TIGER) Rear
28 3.00-10 (RANGER) Rear
29 3.00-10 (SPEEDO) Front/Rear
30 3.00-12 (RHINO) Rear
31 3.00-17 (CYCLONE) Rear
32 3.00-17 (RACETECH) Rear
33 3.00-17 (ARROW-C) Rear
34 3.00-17 (RHINO) Rear
35 3.00-17 (TIGER) Rear
36 3.00-18 (CYCLONE) Rear
37 3.00-18 (LIONSPPED) Front/Rear
38 3.00-18 (RACETECH) Rear
39 3.00-18 (RANGER) Rear
40 3.00-18 (ARROW-C) Rear
41 3.00-18 (CHEETAH) Rear
42 3.00-18 (TIGER) Rear
43 3.25-16 (SHAKTI) Front/Rear
44 3.25-16 (TRISTAR) Front/Rear
45 3.25-16 (ROVE-M) Front/Rear
46 3.25-16 (SHARK) Front/Rear
47 3.25-16 (DRAGON) Front/Rear
48 3.25-18 (RANGER) Rear
49 3.50-10 (OPTIMA) Front/Rear
50 3.50-10 (SOLDIER) Rear
51 4.10-18 (ROCK) Front/Rear
52 80/90-14 (ARROW-Y) Rear
53 90/90-12 (GEOX) Front/Rear
54 90/90-17 (ARROW) Front/Rear
55 90/90-18 (ARROW-R) Rear

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