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GPX Demon GR165R: Best Bike in 3 lakh?

Day by day the demand for bikes is increasing in Bangladesh thus bike companies are totally focused to build the perfect bike for the rider. Many men have many choices, some like a naked bike some like a full faired bike. But the common thing a rider need is speed. Fast bikes always have been the best choice of riders. But there are certain things riders prefer. If a bike is fast it must have a system to reduce the speed to a minimum stage. Otherwise, the rider will lose control. Keeping all those things in mind bike companies are producing super fast stylish modern bikes with all the features a rider should need.

Formed in 2007 with the name ATV Panther GPX is one of the leading motorcycle brands of Thailand. From 2007 to 2011, they did some surveys to the motorcycle market to understand the consumer. The founder was 21 years old when he started this company. Now this Brand has also created hype in between the riders with their Demon GR165R. The GPX GR165R is fused with GPX Fuel Injection (GPX-FI) technology that is ready to increase the Demon’s performance. The Demon features a design that takes it to another level. It has the sporty look with the new GPX logo on the tank. Gixxer SF, Taro GP 1, Suzuki GSX-R are considered as the rival of the GPX Demon GR165R. All those bikes are under or slightly over 3 lakh price thus among them GPX is the best. See why GPX Demon GR165R is the best under the 3 Lakh taka budget below.

Design & looks: From the front fairing to the rear, GPX did a tremendous job with its design and color variation. The design Demon offers is a unique model which is never seen design we get to see on the roads.  The overall fairing looks compact and aerodynamic. Along with a stunning look, it also helps to cut through the wind. It has a large sculpted fuel tank that can contain 11 liters of fuel and the tank size and shape makes the look of the bike more attractive. The body graphics are eye-catching. If we compare it with the rivals we will see none of them is as beautiful as the Demon.

Engine performance: The powertrain of Demon GR 165R comes from a Single Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, 2-Valves, SOHC, 164cc engine that can produce 17.2 Bhp maximum power at 9000 rpm and 16.8 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. No other bikes are this much powerful. With the price range, you won’t find any other bikes that can beat the Demon. It also offers a top speed of 145 kmph which can be more depending on the road. While Gixxer SF offers 154.9 cc Air-cooled, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve engine producing 14.1 bhp @ 8000 rpm maximum power and 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm which is pretty low from Demon GR165R.

Suzuki GSX-R also has Single cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injection, DOHC, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve engine delivering 18.90 Bhp @ 10,500 rpm maximum power and 14 NM @ 9000 rpm maximum torque. Taro GP offers Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Water Cooled, Chamshift Overhead 149.9 CC engine that can deliver 16 Bhp @ 8500 rpm maximum power and 14.5 Nm @ 7000 rpm maximum torque. So as you see Both Suzuki GSX-R and GPX Demon GR165R are pretty close on the matter of engine performance.

Mileage: GPX Demon GR165R offers a mileage of 35 km/l in the city and 40 on the highway while its rivals are also close. If you seriously think about mileage it’s pretty the same as the rivals.

Suspension: GPX is equipped with international brand ‘YSS’s” mono-shock suspension in the rear and an Upside-down telescopic shock absorber. The USD front suspension is a feature that is seen only on high-priced bikes. But currently, Both Demon and GSX-R are equipped with the USD suspension. But Gixxer SF and Taro GP 1 don’t have this suspension. The USD suspension helps the rider gain confidence while driving.

Price: The current price of the GPX GR165R is 325,000 BDT(Red). On the other hand, Suzuki GSX-R’s price is 350,000 BDt and Taro GP 1 price is 306,000 BDT.

As you can see what makes the GPX Demon GR165R the best among them. What makes it best? The above details show GPX is one step ahead of the rivals on some points. Each bike has some special features, there are some facts like GPX doesn’t have an ABS system but there are no objections to breaking from the users. If you think about all the features a bike should have GPX will be the best one. So be wise and think about it thoroughly before buying any bike.

if you want to know more about the GPX Demon GR165R see the full specification with the overall review here.

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