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things to know before buying a helmet

5 things to know before buying a Helmet

Who doesn’t like to ride a motorcycle? Yes, you are confused as other human beings. Motorcycle riding is one of the most thrilling experiences you can ever have. But for this thrilling experience, you should wear the proper riding kits. Safety must come first before riding. Though bike riding is full of excitement but it is also dangerous. And for safety, the first safety gear that will run through your mind is a Helmet.

A helmet is the most important part of a riding kit. It’s not only just protects your head, but it also saves your life. Because a light accident can harm your brain. Most of the time we consider a low-quality helmet rather than our life. One can definitely ride without it but cannot be safe without it. For a safe and healthy ride, you should wear a helmet. Here we will show you the things you should know before buying a helmet.

Design and outer shell: A helmet’s design is very crucial to a rider. Because the first thing a rider notice is helmets design. It makes a rider looks really cool. So you should check out the design and pick one you like. Another thing is to consider is the outer shell of the helmet. The shell should be made with polycarbonate materials. It will absorb the hit of an accident and also will be lightweight. An overweight helmet will cause shoulder and neck pain.

Padding and Ventilation: Helmets are meant to protect your skull from damage in case of any crash or fatal conditions and the inner cushioning of the helmet plays a vital role. The padding should be a tight fit with your skull. It should be attached tightly and for that, it won’t throughout during accident. If the padding is removable then it will give you an extra advantage. You can wash the padding period. Another thing about padding is, it should anti-allergic. The ventilation system is also important. The helmet should offer adequate ventilation ports all around for you to breathe easy and also ensure you don’t feel suffocated inside.

Visor and Features: Visor is another aspect of a helmet. The normal visor is not effective during a long ride or foggy weather. You should consider an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor. A helmet can contain some stock features like a connector, pin-lock, etc.

Certifications: The helmet you buy must carry well-known and trusted certificates. Department of Transport (DOT) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) are the two safety standards for the USA and Europe respectively. These two are the most used and recognized certificates for a helmet. Apart from them, Sharp and Snell are also getting popular. These certifications mean the helmet has been tested and it’s safe to use. There are many helmets are available in the market. So choose wisely and definitely buy a certified helmet.

Budget and Reliability: The last thing is the Budget. You should estimate your budget to buy your desire helmet. Another thing is to choose a reliable brand. There are many brands of helmets are available in the market and also duplicates. So before buying a helmet, you should check out the helmet is not duplicate and coming from a trustable brand.

Don’t wear a helmet just for the traffic law, wear it for your safety. We spent a lot of money on food or cloth. But we often hesitate to buy a better quality helmet that protects us from major injuries. So choose wisely and definitely buy a certified helmet.

Live Free, Ride Safe ./.

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