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Top 10 Most expensive sports bike

Top 10 most expensive sports bike in the world

Motorcycle, the most thrilling and adrenalin-rising motor vehicle in the world. Usually, the fastest motorcycle in the world has the same synonym as the most expensive motorcycle in the world. There are some kinds of motorcycles in the world. But on-road sports segments bikes have a separate fanbase. There are many antic and limited edition bikes in the world and they are also much expensive to buy. Some of those are not allowed to run on the road. But in this article, we will try to show you the most expensive sports bike in the world you can purchase and ride.


Models Price Displacement
Suzuki Hayabusa 14,799$ 1340cc
Kawasaki ZX 10R SE 16,399$ 998cc
Honda Fireblade SP 16,499$ 999.9cc
BMW S1000RR 16,999$ 999cc
Suzuki GSX-R10000R 17,499$ 999cc
Aprilia RSV4 24,499$ 1078cc
Yamaha YZF R1M (carbon) 26,099$ 998cc
Ducati V4S 27,495$ 1103cc
Kawasaki Ninja H2 31,000$ 998cc
BMW HP4 Race 78,000$ 999cc

First of all, you have to understand what is a sports bike. Sports bikes are meant to be as fast as possible. They are designed to minimize the weight and at the same time maximize the power output. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a comfortable riding position for the best lean angle and aerodynamic shape. You won’t feel comfortable during a city ride and the pillion also. Because sports bikes pillion seat is too small for a ride. So, let’s find out the most expensive sports motorcycle in the world.

10. Suzuki Hayabusa:

Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most popular Japanese sports bikes. People were crazy about this bike after it launched in 1999. Back then it was one of the most powerful and accelerating motorcycles. Though its engine power and price getting low rapidly with time but its hipe remains the same. This beast is equipped with 1340 cc, 4 strokes, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16 valve engine.

  • Price : 14,799$
  • Maximum Torque: 155 Nm at 7200 rpm
  • Maximum Power: 197 bhp at 9500 rpm
  • Top Speed : 295 km/h (approx)
  • Displacement : 1340cc

9. Kawasaki ZX 10R SE:

The Kawasaki ZX 10R SE was launched in the previous year. The most impressive thing about this two-wheeler is its electronic semi-active suspension. This is the first motorcycle of Kawasaki which is equipped with a Showa semi-active suspension system. This thing keeps ZX 10R SE apart from the crowd. This bike gets a Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, In-Line Four, 998cc engine.

  • Price: 16,399$
  • Maximum Power: 197.3 bhp at 13,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 113.5 Nm at 11,500 rpm
  • Top Speed: 298 km/h (approx)
  • Displacement: 998cc

8. Honda Fireblade SP:

Honda Fireblade SP equipped with the same pit lane as the previous CBR1000RR. It means MotoGP tech for the engine, aerodynamics, and chassis. It also gets a second-generation Öhlins Smart Electronic Control (S-EC) suspension and a new Brembo braking package including Style front brake calipers, brake lever, and rear caliper. This speedster comes with a 999cc, Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, 16-Valve, DOHC Inline-4, PGM-DSFI engine.

  • Price: 16,499$
  • Maximum Power: 215 bhp at 14,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 113 Nm at 12,500 rpm
  • Top Speed: 298 km/h (approx)
  • Displacement: 999.9cc

7. BMW S1000RR:

This stunning two-wheeler was first made for competing in the 2009 Superbike World Championship. This was first displayed in Munich in April 2008. It was considered the best sports bike in 2009 in the 1000cc segment. But one year later BMW started the commercial sale of this bike from 2010. BMW did some significant changes to this bike in 2012 like new tachometer and throttle maps. It gets Water/oil-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line, 999cc engine.

  • Price: 16,999$
  • Maximum Power: 205 HP at 13,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm
  • Top Speed: 305 km/h (Approx)
  • Displacement: 999cc

6. Suzuki GSX-R1000R:

This big ‘Gixxer’ is a running beast not only on the racing track but also on the public highway. Its previous version GSX-R1000 was also a heavyweight competitor in the sports segment. This GSX-R1000 comes with the tagline of The King of Sportbikes. Suzuki claims this new version of GSX-R1000R runs better, turns better, and stops better than any other sportbike. Its lightweight and compactness can deliver better acceleration in the racetrack and also on the highway.

  • Price: 17,499$
  • Maximum Power: 199 bhp at 13,200 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 118 Nm at 10,800 rpm
  • Top Speed: 280 (Approx)
  • Displacement: 999cc

5. Aprilia RSV4:

This one is one of the stunning and beautiful bike in the sports segment. After first launching in 2008, this RS series was able to attract bikers. This bike was first displayed at the International Piaggio Group Convention in Milan, Italy. This one was the first four-cylinder engine produced by Aprilia which is a sister concern company of famous Italian brand Piaggio. The RSV4 know as the ‘Blendiest’ of the 1000cc segment of sports bike.

  • Price: 24,499$
  • Maximum Power: 217 HP at 13,200 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 122 Nm at 11,000 rpm
  • Top Speed: 290 km/h (Approx)
  • Displacement: 1078cc

4. Yamaha YZF R1M (carbon):

Yamaha R1 series was first introduced in 1998. The new version of this bike YZF -R1 was launched in 2015. This new edition won the best open-class street bike in 2017 and the best superbike in 2016. This YZF R1M Featuring a reworked CP4 cross-plane inline-four engine, updated and augmented electronics, more aerodynamically efficient bodywork, and enhanced suspension, this new R1M is the peak of Yamaha’s superbike development gleaned from 22 years of progress in MotoGP, World Superbike, MotoAmerica, and Endurance World Championship racing. Its equipped with Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder engine.

  • Price: 26,099$
  • Maximum Power: 197.30 bhp at 13,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 113 Nm at 11,500 rpm.
  • Top Speed: 293 km/h (Approx)
  • Displacement: 998cc

3. Ducati Panigale V4S:

Ducati Panigale considers as the most beautiful sports bike in the world. The Panigale V4 first came into the market in 2018. This V4 gets a new Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine taken from the Desmosedici MotoGP racing engine. This bike comes in two versions, one is V4 and another one is called V4S. The ‘S’ stands for Special Edition. This special edition gets some advanced features like an Alcantara-trimmed seat, a top triple clamp, carbon front fender, a data analyzer system, and a race fuel cap. It also gets Öhlins NIX30 43 mm fully adjustable fork with TiN treatment.

  • Price: 27,495$
  • Maximum Power: 214 HP at 13,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 123.5 Nm at 10,000 rpm
  • Top Speed: 308 km/h
  • Displacement: 1103cc

2. Kawasaki Ninja H2 (carbon):

‘Supercharged Supersport’ class Kawasaki Ninja H2 is produced by the famous Japanese motorcycle brand Kawasaki Heavy Industry. This bike featured a variable-speed centrifugal-type supercharger. This bike has another variant called Ninja H2R. Which is more powerful and not allowed to ride on the public highway. It was only produced for the racetrack and considered as the most powerful motorcycle with 400+ km/h top speed. Ninja H2 is much cheaper and less powerful than H2R. It was first introduced in the market in 2015.

  • Price: 31,000$
  • Maximum Power: 231 PS at 11,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 141.7 Nm at 10,500 rpm
  • Top Speed: 310 km/h
  • Displacement: 998cc

1 BMW HP4 Race:

After the success of the S1000RR, BMW improved this 1000cc sports bike. This HP4 Race version came on the market in the year of 2017. ‘HP’ stands for High Performance and yes, this bike gets street-legal permission. The HP4 Race edition can produce 215 hp max power which is higher than the HP4 version which can make 193 hp max power. Peel back the full carbon fiber fairings and you’ll find a single-piece carbon fiber frame. Not only that it gets enormous engine power, but also looks stunning.

  • Price: 78,000$
  • Maximum Power: 215 hp at 13,900 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 120 Nm at 10,000 rpm
  • Top Speed: 290 km/h (Approx)
  • Displacement: 999cc

Sports bikes are meant to provide quick acceleration, tremendous top speed and also better safety. Nowadays, it’s become a competition which company can produce a better and more powerful sports bike than other companies. For that, Sports bikes getting advanced and have safety features.

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