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Upcoming MT Helmets in Bangladesh (+Estimated Price)

Good news for MT lovers. There are several new models of MT helmets coming to Bangladesh very soon.

MT Helmets are the biggest helmet brand in Spain and continue to grow all over the World. They manufacture a range of full face, flip up, kids, open face and motocross helmets, specializing in quality motorcycle helmets at cheap prices. The MT range is constantly evolving to follow the latest trends in helmet development and the diverse range of both colours and styles means there’s a MT helmet for everyone.

In 1968, Manufacturas Tomás, S.A., or as they are known worldwide, MT HELMETS, begins its path with its own production in La Palma. In 2000, Production in China begins to grow with new models focused on exports, according to each country’s demands and safety rules. In 2014, The company opened warehouse and distribution facilities to the 95 greatest consumer countries from the headquarters in Cartagena.

In Bangladesh, MT helmet is one of the most popular helmet brand, because of its build quality, graphics, cheap price and Safety. In Bangladesh Raida Trade International is the official distributor of this famous Spanish brand. MT helmet is one of the most well-known and most selling premium helmet brands in Bangladesh. They produce certified helmets which are budget-friendly and have excellent quality. They produce helmets from low to high price range. But the most important thing is MT always look at the safety of a biker. So, they never compromise with their safety certification.

Right now there are several available models of MT helmet. But the good news is they are going introduce some new model of MT helmet also. Here is a list of upcoming MT helmet models and their estimated price.

Model Price (Estimated)
MT Thunder SV Jet 6,500/-
MT Revenge SV Jet 6,500/-
MT Street Fighter 10,000/-

There are some upcoming models of MT helmet, which are coming to Bangladesh very soon.

Always wear helmet when riding a bike.

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