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MotoGP Pit-Crew Salary

How much MotoGP pit crew earns

MotoGP is the biggest and prestigious motorcycle racing competition in the world. This is the place where world’s leading and giant two-wheeler manufacturers show their strength and advanced technology. This adrenaline racing competition started from 1949 and in 21st century, Valentino Rossi is the biggest name of this mega event. But from six to seven years, the Spanish rider Marc Marquez took the limelight from Rossi. MotoGP riders earn a huge amount of money and everyone seems to know how much a MotoGP rider earn.

A MotoGP rider go through a tough practice and hard work. After that they became successful. But behind every triumphant rider, there is a hard working and experienced team. MotoGP teams hired the excellent and experienced mechanics, technicians, telemetry from all over the world. But how much they earn?

Become a pit-crew of MotoGP is one of the toughest and challenging job. A crew always in a hurry to set-up the motorcycle. A slight mistake could be the game over for a rider. The pit crew team has a different work to do and divided by their specific work. Their salary depends on their experience and skill. Here we showing you the list of average salaries of the pit crew members.

MotoGP Pit-Crew Salary List

Category Earning Per Race Annual Salary Bonus Sponsorship
Crew Head $8,130 $154,500 $17,827 $30,000
Telemetry $5,000 $95,000 $11,900 $30,000
Mechanic $4,400 $83,200 $11,900 $30,000
Press Officers $1,900 $35,650 $6,500 $30,000

Here we showed you the average earning of a MotoGP pit-crew member according to their working ground and designation. All the salaries are showing after taxes. This numbers can be change with MotoGP team and their rankings. Many pit-crew earns more than this number and some are less. So let’s find out what are the main duties of the Pit-crew members.

Crew Head:

He is the most important person of a pit-crew team. The crew chief is often credited with giving the rider the best possible setup for each situation. The crew chief also has a major bearing on the chemistry in the garage, coordinating the movement of parts and equipment on/off the bike, and dialing in specific parameters to suit the rider’s needs. When the chemistry isn’t good, the garage suffers overall and no amount of talent can outride a bad feeling on the bike. The crew head is an experienced, professional and also get handsome money. Often the Moto2 and Moto3 teams hires a high profile figure to play a vital rolls.

crew chief


In the MotoGP World Championship and in motorcycling, telemetry is an essential element to improve machine and rider performance. MotoGP bikes have so many sensors to collect data. Telemetries collect this data and find out where is the room to improve the bike. They have also train and often changes the riding style of a rider to make sure the best performance from the bike. We can say a telemetry is a person who collected data, improve motorcycles and help the rider to better performance.



A team mechanic is the key member of a MotoGP team. They are the person who makes dirty hand to ensure the maximum performance of the bike. They assemble and make ready the motorcycle for the track. Any small mistakes from them can be a disaster for the entire team. They must be experienced and trustworthy with the rider. The MotoGP mega star Rossi have the same men working with him since 2000 when he started to compete in 500cc category. Among them, suspension technicians earn more than other mechanics.


Press Officers:

They are the person who act as a face of a team. They travel with the team or even earlier for the accommodation, transport, food and many more. They look after the riders and manages what ever they need. Often they update information to the media on the behalf of the team and rider. In a easy way, they did the whole work beside of the racing track.

Paddock Girls:

Paddock/grid girls are the symbol of a MotoGP team. They don’t have much work apart from standing next to the riders with an Umbrella. The teams try to take the best and high profile models. They don’t have a permanent agreement with the team. MotoGP increases 25% salary of the paddock girls and their annual salary raise up to 25,000 USD with some endorsement deals. They got around 1,500 USD per race and annual 30,000 USD with Endorsement.




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