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Engine Oil Recommended Grade for Motorcycle

Recommended Engine Oil Grade For All Motorcycle

If we say the engine is the heart of a motorbike then we can say the engine oil is the heart of the engine. For the good health of your bike, you have to know what grade engine oil is preferred for your bike. Every motorbike company has different types of motorbike and they all have a difference from another company. Every motorbike company recommended engine oil for their motorbikes and for best performance should have to use the preferred engine oil.

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Engine oil is also known as engine lubricant or motor oil. In Bangladesh, we also called it Mobil but it’s very interesting that Mobil is not a Synonym for engine oil, it’s a very famous engine oil company name. Different companies, different types of engine oil available in the country and here motorbike companies are recommended engine oil for their bikes. Here we will give you a list of engine oil grades, let’s find which is preferred for your bike.

Company Wise Motorbike And Preferred Engine Oil Grade


Motorbike Model Engine Oil Grade
Bajaj Pulsar AS 15020W50
Bajaj Avenger Street 15020W50
Bajaj Pulsar 160 NS20W50
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc20W50
Bajaj Discover 125 ST20W50
Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI20W50
Bajaj V1520W50
Bajaj Discover 12520W50
Bajaj Discover 10020W50
Bajaj Platina 100 ES20W50
Bajaj Platina 10020W50
Bajaj CT 10020W50
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon20W50
Bajaj Discover 11020W50
Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS20W50
Bajaj Discover 150 F20W50


Hero Motorcycle

Motorbike Model  Engine Oil Grade
Hero Thriller 16010W30
Hero Xtreme Sports10W30
Hero Hunk 10W30
Hero Glamour 10W30
Hero Passion Pro 10W30
Hero Pleasure 10W30
Hero Splendor Ismart 110 10W30
Hero Achiever 150 10W30
Hero Splendor Pro 10W30
Hero Ignitor 125 10W30
Hero HF Delux 10W30
Hero HF Dawn 10W30
Hero Passion Xpro 10W30
Hero Duet 110 10W30


Motorbike Model Engine Oil Grade
Honda CBR 150R Exmotion10W30
Honda CBR 150R 10W30
Honda CB 150R Streetfire 10W30
Honda CB Trigger 10W30
Honda CB Shine 10W30
Honda Wave Alpha 10W30
Honda Livo 10W30
Honda Dream Neo 10W30
Honda CD80  10W30
Honda CD 110 Dream Dx 10W30
Honda Xblade 160 10W30
Honda Rs 150R 10W30
Honda Navi 10W30
Honda Dream Yuga 10W30
Honda Beat 10W30
Honda NXR 160 Bros 10W30
Honda CB Hornet 160R 10W30
Honda CB Twister 10W30
Honda SFA 150 10W30
Honda Dio 10W30
Honda CB Unicorn 150 10W30


Motorbike Model Engine Oil Grade
Yamaha XSR 15510W40
Yamaha MT-1510W40
Yamaha YZF R-1510W40
Yamaha Nmax 15510W40
Yamaha XTZ 12510W40
Yamaha Fazer V2 FI10W40
Yamaha FZS V2 FI10W40
Yamaha YBR 125G10W40
Yamaha SZ RR V210W40
Yamaha Ray ZR10W40
Yamaha Fascino10W40
Yamaha Saluto 12510W40
Yamaha FZS FI V310W40
Yamaha YS 12510W40
Yamaha FZ 150I10W40
Yamaha Vixion10W40
Yamaha M-Slaz 15010W40
Yamaha Xber 15010W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
TVS Apache RTR 15010W30
TVS Jupiter10W30
TVS Wego10W30
TVS Phonix 12510W30
TVS Max 12510W30
TVS Stryker 12510W30
TVS Metro Plus10W30
TVS Metro10W30
TVS XL 100 Comfort10W30
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V10W30


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Suzuki Burgman Street 12510W40
Suzuki GSX R15010W40
Suzuki GSX S-15010W40
Suzuki Gixxer SF10W40
Suzuki Gixxer 15510W40
Suzuki Access 12510W40
Suzuki Let’s10W40
Suzuki Slingshot Plus10W40
Suzuki Hayate EP10W40
Suzuki Intruder 15010W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
UM Runner Renegade Sport20W40
Runner Knight Rider20W40
Freedom Runner Turbo 15020W40
Runner Turbo 12520W40
Dayang Runner Bullet 12520W40
  Dayang Runner Bullet13520W40
Dayang Runner Bullet 10020W40
Runner Freedom Royal Plus20W40
Freedom Runner Trover20W40
Freedom Runner Trover20W40
Freedom Runner F100-6A20W40
Runner Cheeta20W40
Runner Delux AD80S20W40
Dayang Runner Deluxe20W40
Freedom Runner Kite20W40
Dayang Runner DY 5020W40
Runner Duronto20W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Keeway Superlight 15010W40 / 20W40
Keeway RKS 150 Sports10W40 / 20W40
Keeway RKS 12510W40 / 20W40
Keeway RKS 10010W40 / 20W40
Keeway RKR 15010W40 / 20W40
Keeway Cafe Racer 15210W40 / 20W40
Keeway TXM 15010W40 / 20W40
Keeway Magnet 10010W40 / 20W40
Keeway RKV 15010W40 / 20W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Kawasaki D-Tracker 15010W40
Kawasaki KLX 150-BF10W40
Kawasaki Z125 Pro10W40
Kawasaki KSR Pro10W40
Kawasaki Ninja 12510W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Lifan KPT 15010W40
Lifan KPR 150 V210W40
Lifan KPS10W40
Lifan KP 150 V210W40
Lifan KP Mini 15010W40
Lifan Pony 10010W40
Lifan Glint 10010W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Roadmaster Rapido 16520W40
Roadmaster Rapido 15020W40
Roadmaster Predator 15020W40
Roadmaster Velocity20W40
Roadmaster Delight20W40
Roadmaster Rex20W40
Roadmaster Prime 8020W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Taro GP-1 Valerio10W40
Taro GP-2 Predator10W40
Taro GP-1 Naked Sport10W40
Taro T10 Godzilla 12510W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Mahindra Rodeo RZ15W40
Mahindra Duro DZ15W40
Mahindra Pantero15W40
Mahindra Centuro15W40
Mahindra Centuro Rockstar15W40
Mahindra Arro15W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Haojue TR 15020W40
Haojue KA 13520W40
Haojue TZ20W40
Haojue Cool 15020W40
Haojue Lindy 12520W40

H Power

Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
CF Moto 150NK20W40
H Power CRZ 16520W40
H Power RS-Z20W40
Loncin GP 15020W40
H Power Robot CR520W40
H Power Max Z20W40
H Power Max20W40
H Power Recover20W40
H Power Premio20W40
H Power ROXR 15020W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Dayun Panzer10W40
Dayun Defender10W40
Dayun Roebuck10W40
Dayun Deviser10W40
Dayun Plight 11010W40
Dayun Sprout 10010W40

Regal Raptor

Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Regal Raptor Sports GTR20W40
Regal Raptor Stellar20W40
Regal Raptor Spyder20W40
Regal Raptor Daytona20W40
Regal Raptor Bobber20W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Victor-R V110 Link Advance10W40
Victor-R V100 Link10W40
Victor-R Classic10W40
Victor-R V50 Xpress10W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Znen T1010W40
Znen T910W40
Znen T610W40
Znen RX 15010W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
KTM RC 12520W50
KTM DUKE 12520W50


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Aprilia RS4 12515W40
Aprilia Tuono15W40


Motorbike ModelEngine Oil Grade
Benelli TNT 13510W40
Benelli TNT 15010W40

Here all the bikes are the most popular bike in Bangladesh and we also suggest you those engine oil for use. Before changing your engine oil you can find your engine oil here. Engine oil is a very sensitive thing for a bike and if you want to maintain your bike properly then use your recommended grade engine oil and also use well-brand engine oil.


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